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Mar 15, 2003
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:green: :green: :green: :green: I got the most fabulous news over the weekend and after pinching myself a few times am quite convinced it must not be just a dream!! I will be attending the Creative Institute in July, in Manchester, to see if I have what it takes to be an Education Ambassador for Creative!! I am so honored to be invited by Creative and so excited I just can hardly stand it!! Not to mention the chance to meet Mr. Geek and hopefully the Mrs.!! (any chance on the MIL as well?) A lot of the educators here refer to it as "boot camp" so I am naturally nervous, but way more excited than nervous...lol

I have never traveled across the pond and would be most appreciative of any advice that you can give me. Should I have my currency exchanged before I come over, do I need plug in adaptors, what will the weather prob be like temp and climate wise, etc!!??

If you could see me now I have this huge silly grin I have been wearing all weekend...lol..I don't think it is going anywhere either!! :green: :green: :green: :green:
Many congratulations - no wonder you're excited. How wonderful to be asked to do this - enjoy it and also enjoy the experience of being in England.

As far as currency is concerned, it depends on how good your rates are. You should check with your credit card companies how much they charge to draw cash against them coz sometimes that's cheaper too. There are many options and none of them would be wrong - it just depends on how you prefer to carry money. I personally dont like travellers cheques and dont like to carry loadsa cash in case of theft (yeah, it happens here ;) ).

Best wishes,
What great news you must be over the moon :biggrin:
You will love it in England and Manchester is a great city.
Enjoy your visit ;)
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Holllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy xxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am so pleased for you, you will just love it all....
The Camp, the country, the people, the weather lol ok now I am pushing it a bit ...........
But hey here is to another kick butt cheek ambassador in the making ...................
Yes travel adaptor is needed............
Check with you bank to see what is best to do.....
But most of all have a ball babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All i can say is "Bring a Coat" lol
Thanks you guys!!

bring a coat? in July!! a heavy coat or a windbreaker?

Any words that are different that are important to know? I know loo!! :green:
hiya holly
great news!
i did my "boot camp" nearly 2 yrs ago now, & i haven't looked back since.
i have written at length about my experiences at the creative institute, so if u put boot camp in search button u might get it, or all posts by me .
it should b good weather in july, it may even be VERY hot.
however, u won't see much light outside of the hotel, i felt like i was on big brother (if u have that reality in the u.s?)
people have described the experience as life changing, mrs geek has a gd story 4 u on that!
how long either side of the training days ru here for?
Right now all I know are the training days, I should have my flight info this week or next, is there usually an extra day on the begining or end? I will do a search now!! thanks Liza!! :green:

lol...yes we have big brother, hopefully there will be no cameras in my shower though :o
there won't b any spare days either side of the training, but it will depend on when u book your flights
we weren't forced to stay in the hotel, it just didn't occur to us to venture outside , we were so engrossed in what we were doing, but it was weird staying indoors for so long !
liza xx
LOL pick the UK one that covers all of britain..........The other one is the england flag............but hey why not get both lol .........................
Just a thought lol

Wohoo i hope you do well and enjoy england. Bring a light coat and a brolley!! Let us all know how you get on.
Good luck
ok what's a brolley? :D
:o sorry umberella
Little Angel said:

Wohoo i hope you do well and enjoy england. Bring a light coat and a brolley!! Let us all know how you get on.
Good luck
Just so you know Holly a brolley is an umbRELLA - i LOVE THAT EXPRESSION but I think 'brolley' is definitely British!! I will be honest - you will be working 99% of the time so don't worry about a lot of cash or clothes - the weather shouldn't be too bad in July (not that you'll notice) snort - giggle!!! Ok being i'm being bad but you will have an awsome experience and I soooo look forward to meeting you finally! :)
lol...I am sure that will not be the last translation I need thanks!!! :green:

I am so excited about attending they could lock us in a basement for all I care as long as they teach me :lol: , I want to know lots!! I hope to meet you Samantha, it will be wonderful!!! :green: :green: :green: :green:
Just want to wish you luck with your trip over here...obviously I hope you thoroughly enjoy yr course but I especially hope you LOVE England. I have american friends hopefully coming over for their first visit in the next year and am so excited...remember to post on here when you get back and tell us all about it :)
I will definately post when I get back, I will hopefully have some pix to share as well!!
oh congratulations, on coming over , i am sure you will love it , and the boot camp, i just hope our weather holds up ok for ya, take care love dee
congradulations holly u will love it here i,m sure u will do very well have a great time if u get chance to and then we can read all about it when you have finished good luck
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