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Dec 22, 2011
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North East
Anybody done this offer before is it worth it? Many new customers advice please x
I'm not sure I understand. If there are many customers then you shouldn't need to do an offer like this. If there are many customers wanting this offer and you need them then go ahead but it should be the cheapest treatment that is free. :D
Is it on selected treatments?
if I walked passed a salon window advertising buy 2 get your 3rd treatment free I'd snap it up at the minute, I'm in desperate need of some pampering! & it would be an offer I'd be happy with as a new customer x
Cheapest would be free of course. I know a few clients would love a gud pamper but just cant afford them all at the same time. I know i would be happy with this and offer would only be acceptable once per client, all treatments to take place at same time.
Love the 3 for £30 offer! Might do something like that for June - but I'm running a groupon on may 14th so might wait til winter x
It's pretty popular, it means that people can try an extra treatment for no real extra cost to them so they get good value and I get new customers :)
Win Win!

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