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Jun 15, 2010
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I've a dilemma about courses.

A few months back I invested in the NSI Attractions professional kit and have been practicing like a 'mad un'. (well until the kids broke up from school, the monomer is too much for my autistic son)

I bought a hand trainer and was quite pleased with how things were going. I went to my previous nail techs house for a bit of tuition on placement and brush techniques, she's trying to persuade me to do a set on her nails in a few weeks time (eek, feels like I'm going to the headmasters office, but she says I need to do some on a real person), anyhows..

I looked around at courses. Money is very tight, (I'm a SAHM with 4 kids) so looked at the Essential Nails course which I can pay monthly for, and more or less decided that when the kids go back to school I'll start that in September.

But, I then ordered the NSI Sculptor gel trial kit (I fancied trying gel and the odour is ok for my son). I now love Gel!!

I couldn't get to grips with the sculptor white and decided I want to order more product, so looked at Young Nails (love Greg Salo).

My dilemma is Essential Nails course in September or save up and wait for the Young Nails course? I can do Blackpool because relatives can accomodate me there and I'd have a nail model in my sister in law.

If I did the EN course I could possibly get paying acrylic clients which may help me save towards the YN gel course later?

My head is saying wait and do Acrylic and Gel with YN but that would be next year.

Would you use EN as a starting block for now with acrylic and do a one-to-one Acrylic conversion with YN along with their gel course?

I go to sleep and wake up thinking of nails, some nights I just have to sneak downstairs and get my nail trainer out. I know, I need a life lol
I love Young Nails and you say you can manage Blackpool but I'd check with them how their foundation course works. It could be spread over a few weeks to give you a chance to practice, really not sure so I'd check that out before you loose any more sleep:lol: I'd also do a search on this site for Essential Nails and see what others have thought about the course to help you make your mind up hth x
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Hi hun, given the choice of the 2 I would go for the young nails course, this is because it is vital that you have a tutor who will see what you are doing as you do it. Having your nails on a nail trainer marked will not stop you developing bad habits on humans! Also it can be difficult to get insurance when your cert is a distance learning one and when (not if) you want to do more courses you will find that a lot of companies will not recognise a distance learning cert which means that instead of paying for a conversion course, you will find your self paying 3 or even 4 times the amount for a foundation course.
I hope you find this advise helpful:hug:
thanks for the replies. YN course is 2 days over a 3 wk period so would mean going upto Blackpool twice, but I will check with them about whether they would recognise an EN qualification for conversion.

I read tons on here about the EN course and whilst some love, some hate, it was easier for me but that being said, in the back of my head I kept thinking wait.

I think I'd rather have a good idea and have been doing nails on my trainer before doing a course, rather than turning up and not even knowing the basics.

Just that next year seems sooooo long away whilst I'm saving.

Theres also the reluctance I have to ask questions on here when I'm not qualified, got burned last time.

Would it be ok to ask questions when I'm in 'savings toward qualification' mode ;)
Re asking questions, honestly hun, if you start searching through the old threads and tutorials you will find 99% of the answers. Even a thread that starts with one question quiet often gets high jacked on to a related subject.
I used to keep a note book next to me and write down the question I wanted the answer to because it's so easy to get side tracked onto another subject and by the time you surface, the kids have starved and gone to nana's you have 6 days of un opened post and nothing clean to wear in the house:lol:
Oh be aware that your kids will become experts along side you, they will critic nails they see on strangers, telling you that 'she has no appex' 'her smile lines are to low' usually at the top of their voices:o
but they will also support you, help you design your web site, your leaflets, do research for you and sometimes try to hand you their money to help you get your business of the ground.
For those odd questions that you cant find an answer for, you will get to know the helpful geeks and you can pm them for answers. To start with invest in Gigi's book and throw it out there in a thread, which books geeks have found the most helpful/ could not live with out. Quiet often you can get them 2nd hand from Amozon.
Also talk to young nails, you may be able to set up a dd or something to pay for a course, ok you still wouldn't be able to do the course until you had paid for it but it would be more likely to happen then if you put that money in your bank where you can get at it to buy something for the kids!
So long as geeks know that you are saving for a course and are not working on paying customers with no quals and no insurance you shouldn't get shouted at, just put it in your profile in the 'about me' bit.:hug:
thanks Susie

I do always read, read, read first. In fact, I done nothing but read on here for weeks lol.

i've posted a question because I couldn't seem to find an answer where someone had used both products I was asking about.

I did go to change things on my profile today but couldn't edit, will look again.

mmm, my kids, yep, my girls are already asking questions. My 8yr old wanted to check out my smile lines today! and my when she trapped my 6yr olds toe in a door this morning, my 6yr old started crying shouting "just look at my cuticle" lol

Nope, I've no intention of working on clients without qualifications OR insurance, absolutely not. Even after qualifying, I'm gonna need a major confidence boost to even start.

aah, good thinking about asking about a direct debit, because with all good indentions (i.e. 4 new uniforms and christmas lol) the money could start disappearing.

I want this, so I'm going to do it!
Good for you:hug::hug::hug::hug:
There are Young Nails mentors up and down the country hun so you may not have to travel as far as blackpool, have a look on the websites education page to see if theres a mentor closer to you? xxx
There are Young Nails mentors up and down the country hun so you may not have to travel as far as blackpool, have a look on the websites education page to see if theres a mentor closer to you? xxx
Hiya, when I spoke to YN, they said the next closest was Warwickshire, which would mean hotel room fees, whereas my wonderful sister in law has a sofa lol

I could if needs be travel to Leicester for the NSI but you get the efile training with YN too.
Thats a really good idea about the direct debit would definately ring Young Nails about that. Certainly be better to do their course if you can and if you have the chance of a sofa even better. x
aah i see, yep id go for the sister in law aswell then lol.

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