essial naills!!


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the nail lady

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May 31, 2003
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hi there every1, (with out predise)
i am posting to see what every1 else thinks of essial nails (the home learn)
as i am not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first: course took ages to come (1 month) (ment to be 3days)
2nd:every time i phoned they said they didnt know and would ring me back within an hour,each time 3hours later i had to ring them back.
3rd:i complained the 3rd time about not being rung back,women said oh we dont ring people back,dont know why they said that!lol
4th:1 month later course finally comes some stuff missing!
5th:put the video on its not good,to me it was like it was done on a home vedio camera.
6th:then to top it all off the small print on the course is something like,you will need to buy more products to finish this course. (now i am really mad,as i have just paided out £350)
they give you 100nails,you have to send off 300!!!!
so what dose every1 else think who has done this course!!!!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D oh plz 4give my spelling as it is not one of my finer points :D :D :D :D
well - here is a difficult one, I don't know what you have done before and don't know where you are at BUT - i would suggest that you do some training where you have an educator in front of you helping and training you on what ever it is you need to learn. ENT is for HOME LEARNING - WE LOVE THE NAIL TRAINER but I am not going to sit here and tell you ENT at home is fab because I feel that you need HANDS ON TUITION AND HELP to get to you where you need to be. this is nothing to do with the NT - THIS is a marvelous learning tool - but PLEASE - HANDS ON - IN YOUR FACE - Q&A - RIGHT THERE AND THEN - only way to go!!! - I may need to elaborate on this later - feel free to PM if need be!! :rolleyes: ;)
In my opinion there is no substitute to learning with an expert ...

you get what you pay for unfortunately and although £350 is not cheap by any means, it is cheap when compared to a quality course run by Masters at their craft.

You wouldn't expect to get expert help from anyone, whether it be for tennis or golf or secretarial or whatever, without paying the appropriate amount for tuition.

I have looked at message boards in the UK where most of the members have done home learning with a video and the poor things bumble around on the message board asking really basic questions to each other and it really is the blind leading the blind.

I'm with Mrs. Geek. The nail trainer is an excellent learning aid ... but to me the 'course in a box' does not produce professionals ... it may get you started on the road to finding better quality learning but it is an expensive stepping stone if you feel it has been a mistake.
hi ya...i too purchased the homelearn with EN, a few months ago, i thought i could do that whilst waiting to go on my creative conversion, the video is bad i must say...sometimes the camera man gets so close u cannot see...i went on a creative conversion on wednesday and nothing does compare to hands on, someone to show u, other girls to talk to face to face, and now i dont want to finish the homelearn so im thinking of selling it minus the trainer hand as these go on ebay for a few hundred i found the creative hands on soooooooooo much betta...i personnally just want to get on with creative and not faff around with the homelearn...i too had to order more nails aswell, u wouldve thought if it takes 300 to complete the course they wouldve put 300 in...anyway never mind...have u started ur homelearn yet? vicx

I am currently doing the EN home learn. I have found it to be what it advertised itself to be. Even in the brochure it said that you *may* (read as will) need to purchase additional equipment to finish the course.

I chose it as it is the only way I would be able to learn nails. I would dearly love to do a creative foundation course but simply do not have the time as I have a 2 year old and no child care.

I think any one with half a brain would realise that the home learn is a starting point in your education. There is just no way you could only do the home learn kit and be a fabo nail tech the next day.

There is so much to learn about being a nail tech beside what is in the kit. I think the home learn is a good starting point, but you need to be a bit of a self starter to become good. Get yourself properly educated by reading everything you can, practicing and becoming involved in the industry.

I too have seen lots of basic questions being asked by students or newly qualified nail techs. It is sooo obvious that there is so much more to becoming a nail tech that mixing a bit of L&P! The home learn course simply does not give you the range of experience that you would get studying on a creative cource or at a beauty college.

Having said all this there is no way I would let myself work on friends or family till I am satisfied I wont botch the job as I have only trained on the nail trainer. I practice on myself and that gives me a lot more experience than just on a plastic hand.

Sorry to hear you are not satisfied. but yo ahve paid for it now and may as well use it as best you can. EN home lear was never going be the be all and end all of your education anyway...look it as a starting point.

While I don't think you can become a professional with a course in a box, I would disagree that it's crap.
I think that EN has filled a much needed gap by allowing people to get their toes more than just a little wet without committing to a substantially more expensive course.
If it turns out that yes, nails are indeed for you then you will need to invest in more training. If it turns out that you feel 'hey... this nail thing sucks' then you saved a bit of £££ not investing in an instructor lead course.

im doing the gel!!! they give you 9w uv lamp,but says in sallons etc you will need 18w uv lamp!!!!!,

That completely depends on the line of gel you are using. Many gels cure perfectly fine under a 9w kit.

i think the products r crap too!!! as it has inflamed my cutiles!!!

Not sure what product it is... but any system will do this through repeated overexposure. Make sure you never touch monomer onto skin.

and the glue burned my skin!!!!

Again... no professional product should come into contact with skin. Adhesives are much safer than monomer when it comes to skin contact... but still... avoid skin contact as much as possible. The reason for the heat can be attributed to a number of things from skin moisture content to quantity applied. Adhesives generally share these attributes.

glue take well over a hour to dry!!!!!!!

Remember that the nail trainers 'plates' are plastic and not keratin. They will not contain any moisture and therefore you need to be a little more diligant toward adhesive application. Apply more pressure for longer and you shouldn't have this problem.

Hope this helps
me to fellow nail lovers,think it is crap!
im doing the gel!!! they give you 9w uv lamp,but says in sallons etc you will need 18w uv lamp!!!!!,but yet claims you can start own bussiness with this course. (so why not give right starting tools)
my course took ages to come to,and i also never got rung back when they said they would!!!!
so e-mail gina wallece direct,who did reply 1 week later!!!,with no clue why,said she would e-mail head office direct,but guees what!!!!,i never got a reply!!!!
stuff also missing from my course,!!!
i think the products r crap too!!! as it has inflamed my cutiles!!!
and the glue burned my skin!!!!
this has not haooen to me b4 with other glue i use!!!
done my friends hands they look great!!!,but when i do it on the nail trainer looks crap as glue take well over a hour to dry!!!!!!!
yes also agree the vid is crap,shaky camra man! gina sounds like dolly parton lol!!! its just pure tacie crap!!!!!!
if i ever get though to gina,i will see what she has to say!!!!!
oh and i find the website rubish to as you cant always get it up!!!!
looks like i will have to go to excel to speck to gina!!!!!!
Tallon Queen...did you use the same products that came with the EN kit, that are designed to be used only on the nail trainer, on yourself?? If that is a "yes" then it's no wonder you had problems!

I don't know what the gel course has in it, but in the acrylic course it says that the products are to be used on the nail trainer only. For example the tip glue is a glue that is not to be used on human hands. It has properties that make it appropriate to use with the nail trainer. As you know normal tip glue is activated by heat from the human body. The nail trainer does not have this, therefore the glue is designed to dry in 10 seconds on a cold hand.

All this info is in the kit and the books they provide. It sounds like you have applied product to skin/cuticle, which indicates incorrect application technique, and as some people are more sensative than others it looks like you have now got a sensitivity issue.

I too have had problems on occasion getting on to the Gina Wallace web site. This is not a reflection of EN's professionalism. I think that it is either a server problem or the web master is updating the site and change over time means that the site is down.Generally I can get on.

I have to agree that the video is not a well polished (for want of a better word!!) publication...buuut it does show you what you need to know.

It sounds like EN has a few issues with communication and these obviously need to be sorted. I have not had these problems, but I have not contacted them either...never had a problem.....and I suspect that many problems are due to students not reading the info provided properly.

So, tallon queen...did you finish the course? have you got your qualifications?? what will be your next step for education??

I am sorry to hear of your educational problems, I for one have learned the hard way too and having just done a creative foundation class I found it extremely hard to drop the bad habits I have picked up along the way. It was by far the best education I have had and would highly recommend it.
This said, I think it totally unfair to knock Gina Wallace, I find her site an extremely good one and she does give excellent advice and has also in the past answered my queries as soon as is possible as I know she`s a busy lady. I bought her maintenance video which I also found very helpful although I never considerd doing a home learn course because you cannot beat having a professional to hand whilst learning.
Training is a very expensive past-time but you have to look to the best to be the best, creative is the way to go
Well I wasn't gonna post anything but then I thought hey hang on a mo......

I agree with The Geek one hundred 100%
Why would the resin or gel or primer burn your cuticles???
You shouldn't be no where near them with any of those.

I do Gel's in our Salon and I use a 9watt UV Lamp. The basic rule on that is, the lower the wattage , the longer the curing time. I use Gels from various suppliers and never had any probs, just adjusted the curing time accordingly.

As for the resin setting time, if you use the right resin for nails and not nail trainer you will find it sets in seconds.

As for the Admin side of things...............
Maybe if you get in touch with gina herself and offer constructive rather then destructive criticism, she will take your comments on board.
She is a super Lady and always there to help if she possibly can.
A personal attack on how she looks or how she sounds, are not going to solve any issues you might have. It would be better to vent those feelings in the privacy of your own home.
You have to remember in this industry we treat each other with respect and courtesy,

I have a saying, remember treat people with respect on your way up , as you might have to meet those people again when you are on your way down.
any way I hope you will get it sorted
and become a terrific Nail Technician
love Ruth xxx
hi gang...or should i say morning through dreary eyes... :shock:
whilst the EN is not the best way to become a great nail technician, it is a starting point, it has been an excellent refresher for me, as i previously trained in 1997 and then nothing else up until this year...u have to be very dedicated to sit down and do the homelearn course, which i found very hard having 3 children, id plan that i was going to do some for a few hours but knowing kids they would be playing up when i wanted my time, so for me it didnt work terribly well, at least hands on for me at leeds means leaving the kids here and me just concentrating on nails all day and not hearing "i want this" "mum" "can i have a biscuit" "mum" "mum, cris is picking on me", it is pretty difficult in my house to get 2 mins peace let alone 2 dont always work to ure schedule...ickle darlings they r...
hey thats why i get up at stupid times just to have a coffee in peace before the tribe get up...
however back to homelearn, for a lot of peeps it is the only way to get a foot in the door, but a lot more training is required if you want to be the best, EN is not enough on its own which i think a lot of peeps think...but that is how it comes across in the vid and literature...i too thought oh ile do this and then ile be a great technician, but nooooooooooo a lot more is needed...and it does cost a lot of money, hundreds and hundreds, but if you get the best training around then itll be a worthwhile investment for your future...thats the way i look at it...and ile tell mr barclaycard that 1 day i will be a creative master nail technician and ile pay him back every barclaycard have heard of creative nails...anyhow girls keep up the good work and if u r doing EN stick with it but u must be aware that more is needed, someone there with u to tell u exactly how u do it...vicx
Hi there,

I've done the EN Gel course and I think £350 for a course with a Nail Trainer, UV lamp, Video, Manual, products and certificate on completion is very good value for money.

For me, it was a very good way to build my confidence in nail positions and file grips before going into a classroom.

Nails is not easy and if you are having problems it may just be that you need more practice. With time you will 'get it'! It doesn't happen over night.

As for the products like others have said - they are meant to go on the nail - not the skin!!!

Once you get 'into' nails it's only natural that you would want to experiment and buy more products and take more training.

I am saving to do a Creative course as again, like others have said, nothing can beat training with real people and on real people, but I do think that EN is a good step in the right direction and don't think it should be considered a waste of time.

Have you tried emailing Gina Wallace directly? I had an email from her personally just last week. I'm sure she would be very concerned about your problems and be willing to put them right. You can find her email address on her website. I think it's

Good luck.

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