Exam tomorrow - Eeek!


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Jan 29, 2004
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Brisbane, Australia
Just seen the time, What am I doing here?

I have my ITEC mani/pedi theory exam tomorrow at 9am!!!

Thought I'd have a five minute break to catch up with the geeks - that was about half an hour ago!

I had my exam practical yesterday which I passed (although don't know if pass/credit/or distinction) - God knows how - I'm usually fine for exams but as soon as she said we could start my hand started shaking! How I got the polish on I don't know - even one of the other models commented afterwards she could see how badly my hand was shaking from where she was sitting - LOL!!

Oh well. Half way there and by 10.30 tomnorrow am it will all be over.......

And I have my first paying client on Sunday - she wants 'football toes' as she saw mine that I did myself and begged me to hers ready for Monday!
Good luck Bryony, I'm sure you'll do well and it will be fabulous, if a little nerve racking to do your first paying customer! Nothing beats the thrill of earning money for doing a job you love!
Bryony - I hope it all went well and that you are now celebrating!
hi hope your exam went well , i am sure you will do excellent, have a good day love dee
Hey please let us know how your exam went, i bet you are recovering from celebrating....lol
Thanks girls,

It went OK. I counted up the answers that I knew 100% and have got enough to pass (but don't think I got enough for a distinction :cry: .

There are a few that I'm not sure of that are bugging me so I'm going to ask Geeg to enlighten me!

Have to wait about 8 weeks for the official results so I'll let you know when I get them.

Thanks again,

B x
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