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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
Hi all,

Well its nearly here.........my 4th day of FDFC is on Tuesday and I am soooo scared that I will not pass!! I am studying as much as I possibly can but I am one of those people who's mind goes blank (at least to start with) when I first read through an exam paper (dont forget I'm not in my 20's anymore - 37 next Saturday in fact!!).

Anyone got any tips (no pun) on how to get the information to stay in my brain :rolleyes: .

Dear Sharon,
Don't stress! You have been given all the information you need and the questions are logical. There are no trick questions.
I always tell students who claim to have mental blocks, to pretend they are telling someone the answers .. as if they were explaining ... and then write it down.
Your clients will be asking questions .. you must be able to answer them without waffling!!
You will be fine I'm sure because, unlike when we were at school, this is information in which we are interested. You will have taken in more than you realise.
We need to know that you will leave us working safely. Many of the questions are geared around this type of information.
Good Luck.
Hiya Sharon!

Gigi is right, as soon as you read those exam questions, all that information that you've been taught will just come flooding back to you!! :cool:

You'll be fine!! Go kick some buttcheek!! Good Luck :-D

Hi Sharon,
I was having the same thoughts as you are before my day 4 last June and i think everyone that has ever done the course proberbly felt the same if they are honest!
The way i got through mine was to think of the worse that could happen! ...to fail! Then took myself through how i would feel and what would i do etc...
Well, firstly i would take it again and again if need be, because i knew i wanted to achieve this goal, and if thats what it took then so be it!
Thinking this way took the pressure off passing first time and i was able to say to myself when the exam begain...'i will do my best and see what happens!'

It's like Gigi said you need to find a way to not panic...everything you are asked is in your notes and i am sure it stays in even when you think it hasn't.

Most of all Sharon enjoy the experience and think of this...if you hadn't have done this course you would never had know if you could.

I hope this makes sence!!!!

I am sure you will be fine...i wish you well...good luck!
Hi Sharon

You have nothing to worry about - you will know what l mean as soon as you sit down and remember the familiar surroundings. Think of the day as a learning curve - not a test. Believe it or not when you are in your 30's you absolutely poo yourself at the thought of a test - l did. But when you get down to it the answers are gonna come flooding in - l promise!! If there is a question you aren't sure about - leave it and come back to it then you will get there. Enjoy it, it makes you feel like a teenager again and you will get a special certificate when you pass - you go girl!!

We want to know all about it.
Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for your comforting words...I am beginning to look forward to Tuesday now! I have had a strange few weeks (new job at work, might be a possible bone marrow donor, husband ill, child ill etc) so I will be pleased to get to Tuesday and then on to my birthday on Saturday.

I will keep you all posted!

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