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Apr 3, 2009
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Milford Haven
I am thinking of expanding my salon and adding another unit to my current premises, so I can move my manicure tables, etc and pedicure chair to give me more room. I was also thinking of adding some toning tables to this new unit. My salon name is Total Image Health & Beauty, but was thinking that I would use another name for this 'other business', what do you think? And what can I call it, I don't want anything naff, but cant think of anything? Not sure whether to use my name in it this time, but also thinking of the VAT and Tax man! What do you think guys, is it a good idea and what name do you think?
Ok I am a little confused (doesnt take much) :lol:

You want to expand your salon & move mani/pedi stuff to this new unit, but where this stuff will be you want to add toning tables, yet call it a different business- is that right?

It wont really be "another business" if your current business will be carried out there as well, so you would be "Total Imagine Health & Beauty" doing mani/pedi in "toning table business name"

I would just stick with your name you have, Total Imagine Health & Beauty covers the toning table side of things lovely.

Dont forget with a new company comes another tax return, accountant, etc etc,
You have an established salon, my making it bigger & adding equipment is just improving on what you have got.
It can also confuse clients!

Would the 2 units be separate or can you knock it into one bigger salon? Is the new unit next door to your current one?

:confused:Yes it was a bit confusing was'nt it!

I already have two units together, but things are getting a bit cramped, so I thought about renting another unit and putting the nails and pedi st.uff in there and maybe some toning tables. I think I am getting near the VAT threshold and thought it might be a good idea to separate the business Not sure though! I already have two salons in two different towns, but am running out of room in both and would really like to get a bigger place, but nothing has come up and have been looking for a long time now. What advice would you give me?
I think I personally would find out excatly how near I am to the vat line, so I know excatly what I can play with, but saying that I would definatly stick with your current name, it speaks a thousand words for your clients in both areas, & is advertising in itself for any new place.

I think more than 2 of anything would be classed as a chain, so would be a little foolish in my eyes to call it something else, you would have to work hard on the new name business getting advertising, new logo, new website, new stationary etc done, where it will kind of sell itself if you stick with your current name.

Maybe like Dove Spa as an example - peolpe know the name, know what to expect, know someone who has been to one or knows someone who knows someone, that will be you!

There are rules about this that prevent us hiving off bits of our companies as vat dodges. There are also ways to do it and stay within the law.
You need to speak to your accountant as you need to set this up a certain way to start with.
Thanks very much for your input, I think you are right, will stick to current name and see my accountant. Maybe I should ask about franchise, I have two daughters in the business with me, but I employ them at present. They will eventually take over as the owners as I have cancer and I really want to cut down on my work days. I am still finding this part difficult as everyone still wants the owner, (no matter how knackered I am, need to learn to say no!). With this in mind, do you have any suggestions to the way forward?
Oh thats terrible, I am so sorry to hear that. I take my hat of to you trying to expand & improve your business when you must have so much to deal with in your personal life - a true inspiration! :hug:
In this case maybe it would be best to cut down your "hands on" days let all your clients know that you are finding it too much & just say you will just be doing beauty on ie Thursdays & Saturdays 10-6, or 3 shorter days to break it up a bit more, then maybe just spend some of the other days, doing reception only.
I guess you need to first decide how many days you want to work a week in the salon/s,
How many of these days & which days you want to do beauty, & what hours
How many of these days & which days running/reception.
I think clients/peolpe dont like change but they soon get used to it, & under the circumstances if they dont understand, well sod them :lol:

At the moment what days & hours do you work? x
Goodness me! ...how brave are you opening another bit of your business while you have cancer!

I REALLY hope everything goes well for you, and I'm sure I can speak for all Geeks when I say that we'll be here for you should you need someone to talk to or ask questions of.

With regards to your business, I did your logo etc, so why not just use the same brand for the newer bit...but we'll change the colours and the tagline, so you can keep the same "corporate" look that you've worked hard to market, but we'll make it look different with perhaps reversing the colours and adding a new tagline....wouldn't charge of course!
Carl, thats a very good idea! Will probably take you up on that, At the moment I try to work two half days, Tuesday and Thurday, but they turn into full days, and recently have had to cover for annual leave and sickness, so has turned into four full days and late into the evening! Unfortunately I really paid for it last weekend and this week so far, as I have a chest infection,been sick and have been very under the weather and a bit weepy! Eeh and I really don't like that as it makes me face the demons!

I love building the business and introducing new treatments but get drained very quickly, must remeber I am not twenty anymore either! Thank God I have'nt lost my sense of humour and love the posts on this site, it keeps me sane!:hug:

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