Exposed tan - is there really no over spray?


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Mar 25, 2016
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Burton on Trent
Hi Geeks
I've just re decorated my salon and have used fake bake for 5 years with a tent and extractor but have always still had overspray! I didn't realise quite how bad it was until I've moved furniture to re-decorated and it was everywhere! Even in rooms we haven't spray tanned in! I've seen Exposed Tan advertising that there is no overspray and you don't even need a tent or extractor! Has anyone used this brand and agree with this? Recommendations also welcome for other brands with little or no overspray. Many thanks everyone!
Can't see that a tan brand can claim to have NO overspray.
It's down to the therapist and the spray gun.
Tan is gonna go everywhere - even with a strong extractor. The particles are so tiny (when blown through the gun) that they float about in the air for ages afterwards
People moving from room to room will waft these particles around. They will eventually settle on every surface, and over time, give everything a greenish tinge.
Better extraction unit in a dedicated room is the way to go.
Hope this helps. [emoji3]
How on earth can this be possible... If it is, I want it, infact NEED it :D

I have an extractor and try keep the door closed for a few hours after, I also clean my woodwork almost immediately to try and save myself the staining, it's so frustrating but I do think it's unfortunately part of it and there's no getting away from having a settling mist left...
I see they started out saying "no overspray" and now it's marketed as "almost no overspray" [emoji51].

As a pp said its down to the therapist and the spray gun.
I was recently enquiring about this at the beauty show and I'm strongly considering investing in it. The lady I was speaking to that works for them is also a mobile therapist that didnt offer tan for a long time as she was afraid of destroying peoples houses basically! But now swears by Exposed tan.

I don't know if any of you seen it but Glenda Gilson was seemingly sprayed on the tv show Exposé with exposed tan up against a white wall to show there is no overspray(I havent looked it up yet so I'm not sure on details!) but it might be worth trying to look it up?
Also just to add, I think it's because their tan is a thicker consistency
Thanks everyone I think I'm going to give it a try!

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