Extractor question - multi use and noise


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Feb 15, 2005
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Ok so I am shortly going to be moving into a beauty room. It was previoulsy a mens toilet (its an old pub). It does not have any windows but dos have a small extraction unit (one of those vent things you switch on). I will be diong L&P and spray tans in the room. What I am wondering is it worth buying an extra extraction for the spray tan or do you think the extractor on the wall will do the same job? obviosuly if i got this i would use it doing spray tans but I am thinking along the lines of a multi fucntion. would it extract the dust caused by nail files? or again, do you think the extraction unit on the wall would do the same thing. the extaction unit can be replaced so if anyone in the know can suggest something that would give a good output would be geat. also how noisy is the portable extraction fan used for spray tanning as i will be turning it on during filing of L&P. obbisouly noisse wouldnt be an issue when spray tanning coz the machine would drown it out. what kind of noise is it on a par with?

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