Eyelash Extensions and swimming


Hi I had a client ask about eyelash extensions, her daughter had some put in before going on holiday and came back with none and said it was the being in the pool that removed them! Don't know what kind she had in but I didn't think that swimming would have done this, but want to double check before I do the mother for her holiday.

Thanks Annie


I had extensions done for my hol last year, went swimming and they were fab. I was very careful with my suntan lotion though this could remove them! Lots of oil!! Just a thought!

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If the extensions are applied properly and coated with sealer you wont have any problems. I had mine done before a holida and went in the pool each and every day....wasnt even careful with sun lotion and didnt have any problems!

it depends how they are applied and the products used (ie adhesive, primer and sealant) to make the bond strong and the lashes last longer.


i done my mums lashes without a sealer on top of them and she was in and out the pool all the time and they were fine.. lashes should be waterproof, weatherproof ect.. i agree with watchin the suntan lotion as it does have alot of oil.. she might have been rubbing her eyes with a towel as well.. you just need to tell her to be very carefull xx


Hi Annie
It will be down to the sun tan lotion/oil. What happens is they have lotion/oil on their face and when the face gets wet in the pool the lotion/oil runs down the face and around the eye area and over a few days the bond weakens and lashes are lost quite quickly after this. If your client buys a sealant from you and uses it every day and takes extra care this will help.
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This all depends on what type of swimmer she is...... If you are a go in the pool each day "swim and a splash" type they will be ok.

If she goes "proper" swimming chlorine can effect even the best application, dont be kidded by the special Glue/sealer/application

Note I say the word Can!!!!

Su x