Eyelash refund

Erin whitfield

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Morning, ive just had a message from a new client asking for a refund. I did her lashes 2 days ago and with her request she wanted them more fuller and i did state it depends on her lashes as if i were to carry on adding more the only thing i could possibly do to fill in the gaps was to add lashes inbetween the gaps where there is no hair and it wouldn't give the individual lash look however the fuller the better and said to add them. The end look she loved them and said thats exactly how shes been wanting them after having gone to 2 eyelash techs before me having had classics and russians they weren't full enough (I did 3d hybrids on her) , the next morning she asked to have more put on so when i went round she shown me her lashes and that they werent seperating as i told her yesterday to get the look she loved so much meant filling the gaps which could even over lap. I ended up having to remove them, this was at 12 o'clock at night as i just finished a night shift and she wanted them sorting before going manchester and said I'll order her the 5d hybrids and do her a fresh set for free. So she's woken this morning and asking for a refund... I'm just curious on what others would do as she said to keep adding more so im a little confused....


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Why has she asked for a refund?

Did you charge for the second set you did?


I don’t understand why the lashes weren’t separating? Do you mean at the base of the extension they were not seperating from another extension? How did you add lashes where there was no hair?

Just curious as to what you mean. Once I understand abit better I can recommend what I would do xx