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Thats odd... Are you ringing the main line or one of the One Stop Nail Shops?
We sold out of all but a few of the try me kits (really more like starter kits)

Why not try open stock... there is only a few items?
Ill look into it a little more tomorrow.

hi there mr geek
i rang to order fabric# kit again today and they still say that they have none :(

please help


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Jan 12, 2003
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Hi Geek, Dont want to sound a moaning minnie :rolleyes: but - have just got round to my Fabric# kit. Been ill so have just been staring at the box waiting to get started. The Creative team were just shutting up shop when I got there so, I asked for a student kit paid my £44 and left. Now what I want to know is at the price I paid did I get the 'Try Me' kit. I ask this because I'm sure I read that with the student kit you have enough kit to do a couple of sets of nails. In my little plastic bag I have 16 tips all size 4 and 1. Should this be? Also, I like the look of the tips, are they your Velocity or Formations? and not being Creative trained would I be able to purchase these or only at shows? Sorry for all the waffle I'm feeling like s**t at the mo :( .........thats my excuse anyway!
Sorry to hear about missing you at Olympia... was a fantastic show (best ever).

You got the Try me kit, the student kit costs more but has larger sizes. You should have enough kit there do do a good 20-25 sets.

As far as the tips, they are various... most likely Velocity. You can buy those from Designer Nails, the only real restrictions are on L&P.

Hope this helps
hi mr geek

i have been ringing the 0800 orderline number i have got the couple of bottles i needed but would just like to buy another kit as they are such great value but each time i ring they say there are no kits availible ?

I am wondering if it's because the 15 kits that weren't sold at Olympia, have not returned to the warehouse yet to be put back on-stock. If you want to know exactly, Gillian in Customer Services (our Sales Manager) should be able to clarify more for you. Sorry it's a pain but after a show, everything left gets put back on palattes and has to come back up to Leeds. I am thinking this is where the problem lies. Call the 0800 and ask for Gill specifically and see if she can shed some light :idea: :D
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