Fabric# the end result .........


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi guys,
here are some piccies of the finished Fabric wraps.........
I just wrapped the natural nail, one layer of Fibreglass, 2xbuild and 2x boost, she has fab natural nails......
Well I have been doing them for over 6 years now lol
No polish just buffed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I love them, how about you all !!!!!!!!!!!
Pictures are posted with permission of Sam Morgan, Croydon..............




love Ruth xxxx
They look fantastic, Ruth. I've been really tempted to try the Fabric# - just might get the credit card out now.

Well done anyway, they look so natural.

well ruth, i expect to see you at excell (sept) competing in the fibreglass catogory! seriously, the nails are superb. :D :D
hey ruth

those are fab hun keep posting the pics :D :D :D
oh they are great ruth!
do it jackie get out the old credit card its fantastic i was so disheartened until i bought fabric# now i'm so pleased i did its totally transformed my confidence about my work i am so pleased with the nails i am producing and so are my customers i don't think i will look back now! and just in time for my yellow pages advert! (do i sound like i'm being too modest? i don't mean to i'm just so chuffed to bits! :oops: )
i was having so many probs with my L&P and being under pressure to get up to scratch before my advertising kicked in has been driving me nuts i though i would fall flat on my face before i could get going! now i have the opotunity to practise my L&P P&W instead of producing work which i know would be sub standard and i know i would have felt terrible about taking full price for , now i am totally confident about what i am producing so feel i am earning every penny!
i dont think you will be disappointed jackie does it show that im not :D
nickki jonesx
Well Hun,
your kind comments have made me blush........ no and it's not the heat,but could be hormonal ...........

Well I never thought that after ober 10 years of using Fibreglass and Silks, that I could results this fab .............Fabric# is a winner for sure........
No seriously thanks your praise means a lot xxxxx
But she is a fab client with fab hands and eveb fab'er nails............

She deserves most of the credit for being such a star.........
Well but then she is a solar oil addict ..............
Oh and scentsations addict too............

Love Ruth xxxx
sorry ruth i posted my reply under new heading :oops:
Ruth ... what can I say?? I'm so proud of what you have acheived with Fabric# and you are a wonderful ambassador for the product as well as a wonderful teacher with all the help you have given to others who are new to using it. Everyone respects your opinion as you are the most experienced person on this site with wraps.

The overlays are beautiful ... who could tell? and I know that everyone will be impressed with the strength of Fabric# which surpasses any other wrap system in existance.

I really believe in this product 100% and more (if that is possible) and everyone knows me as Creative through and through BUT I have always believed in choices and as a teacher I have always found that in my L&P classes there is always one person that struggles to learn the skills involved in turning out beautiful L&P enhancements. As a teacher I need to be able to take that person to another level with an alternative choice if needs be. I can do it now with Fabric#

Thankyou for taking the time (and the risk) in trying this product in your busy salon and for believing in me and respecting my opinion. xxx
Thanks Hun,

I say that whole heartedly from the bottom of my resin bottle xxxxxxxx
When someone has faith in a product, it shows in their attitude........
When someone has a great product, it shows in their work..
When someone has a great mentor, that show in their ability..........
So thank again xxxxxxxx
love Ruth xxx
They look great Ruth. Cant wait to see how well you do at Excell ;) .
oops! looks like ive started something now.
looks like youre commpeting at excell
lets face it, your public demand it! :D :D
I agree with Geeg, Ruth is absolutely brilliant as a person and a nail technician.
Those nails are fab, you wouldn`t know they weren`t completely natural.
Since finding this site I have become more confident in my work, and its thanks to people like Ruth and Geeg with their excellent advice and the time they take to help everyone.
Keep it up girls, and thanks again
Ruth, those are super lovely!!! Soooo natural looking!!! I bet your client left you over-the-moon with those lovely nails!!! :D

I'm new to silk and fibreglass - I love it! I recently managed to convert my best friend from her usual acrylic to silk wraps and she adores them!

Can't wait to get my hands on Fabric#!

Keep posting the pictures!

Good luck at Excel, then Ruth!!!??? ;)


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