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Nov 4, 2007
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i was thinking of getting a portable facial steamer for when i do my facials but only used them at college, do any of you geeks use them and is it worth getting one?
I find facial steaming fantastic on problematic skin....gosh the extraction after is so satisfying...LOL:lol:

I would not use it on acne rosacea,or a delicate skin,and i am afraid i do not know what a portable steamer is like,as mine is upright in the salon.

But since re using it,i find it only advantageous in skin care treatments.:)
I do have a facial steamer but tend to use it very little and i dont think i would want to use it at all if mobile.Many of my clients ask for a longer facial massage than steam.
There are so many ways now to gain good results without a steamer and they are quite an expensive piece of equipment so you need to be sure it is worth your while purchasing it.
I bought a portable steamer when I was mobile but I now use it in the salon. It's fab. Every bit as efficient as the larger ones. I'm not sure but I think mine is a Skinmate one and it came with it's own padded carry case.
I have used my portable steamer both in salon and mobile, I think it's great. Alot of clients comment on how much they enjoy it
I've got a portable steamer that sit on a shelf near the head of the couch and I like the effects. It holds enough water for about 30 mins of steaming.
DONT do what I did and, ignoring all the warnings, I put menthol oil into it to create a steamy atmosphere when I had a cold. It started spitting and spluttering and it took me many rinsings to get it running clearly again.........:eek:
Hi girls, what oils do you add to the head of your steamer?

I use boiling water, essential oils and facial towels to steam the face. Works a treat, and is cheaper.
Hiya, i know there are alot of people that don't use steam, but i swear by it, there are obviously certain skin types that use of steam is innappropriate but i have to say most of my clients comment on how much they enjoy it.
In my facial routines i find this time perfect to mix masks and prepare fresh sponges, helps to make it flow so my client is never lay there with nothing going on x
oh yes nearly forgot mine cost me £35 at pro beauty but capital do them for just under £50 hth x
i love my portable steamer as do my clients

definately a worthwhile purchase

there are available for approx £40-50 from capital, sallys, beauty express, salons direct, house of famuir
thanks geeks i think i will get one xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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