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May 16, 2012
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:( I'm so upset and don't know what to do I've just found out my hair extensions certificate isn't worth the paper it's written on I "qualified" last year and have a good client base with regulars. I'm a qualified nvq level 3 hairdresser and now I feel like a frauds ter
I've cancelled all my clients this week to try get sorted im not guna mention on here who I didn't the course with as I don't want this thread deleted I needddd help. I know I can do the course again but my concern is what if I know someone on the course and they wonder why I'm redoing the course and I also don't know what company to trust now!!!!!
Oh no that's a shame to be honest there's not really much you can do I had this done to me with a nail course and although I can do nails I don't do them on clients as im not qualified in the eyes of insurance but it taught me the next time to ask who accredits the course and to then call the and double check it's a horrible feeling knowing you have being conned unfortunately it's so rife now I see ads on gumtree stating they come to your house and train you for x amount I'm sorry I can't be more helpful but I think you will have to retrain and gain your certificate but ask all the questions x
thats awful since training takes time and effort. who told you it was worthless? where did you train?

are you sure this is just not someones opinion of who you trained with? x
No it's definitely right what Ive found out x
In what way is your certificate not valid?
Was the training Course accredited by an Insurance company?
Most product training companies only offer a diploma after their courses to show you have attended training, but if it is accredited you will still get Insurance to cover the treatment taught.

You would really need to give us more detail as to what this situation is before we can offer any helpful advice, and you don't need to mention the company involved as naming and shaming is not allowed on here.
Wanted to do the hair extensions training got told by a friend to go with this training company that is based in London but have trainers all over England as she's just done the course herself and I saw she was getting quite Abit of business from it and it was a one to one course I paid £450 and did the course.took ages to get certificate after I sent loads of emails and complaints. but told she's not even qualified her self and has conned loads of ppl.
I'm really interested too to know what your certificate isn't valid. Is it to do with the Habia renewals?? or the fact they're not renewing?? if so maybe all is not lost as if the course had approval when you took it, it is still valid. Lots of training companies do "conversion" courses which you could go to , to be seen more as an update of skills. There are some good training academies near you who i'm sure would be able to help xx please do share so that we can help xx
£450 for a 1-1 extension course? I'd of been worried just by this!! It's so cheap! X
I've contacted habia to see if what I've hear is true as other people who have trained with her haven't even received a certificate god knows why they have decided to send me one! And all I got back was they are not involved with the company and I'd have to email the company direct but the company has vanished even the website is shut down. I'll just have to do the course again but who to trust and like I see what if someone I know is on the course or a model that I might of done I'm going to look like I've done there hair not qualified which I have but had no idea I swear :(
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She's never been habia approved and I've spoke to other ppl who have trained with her and they have said there's an investigation going on as she's conned so many ppl I do realise now that it was cheap but at the time ive just had my little girl she was 3 weeks.
Sorry, I don't know about hair extensions, but can't people train in this field at a college, maybe during the evening. At least that way you would get a proper certificate at the end of it. I think most training should be learnt in a proper establishment. :suprised:
This is Jo from Lush-Us Uk.
I've sent you a pm so we can hopefully help you
Kind Regards
:( I'm so upset and don't know what to do I've just found out my hair extensions certificate isn't worth the paper it's written on I "qualified" last year and have a good client base with regulars. I'm a qualified nvq level 3 hairdresser and now I feel like a frauds ter

What a disappointing..and expensive situation for you. Did your insurance company not question it when you sent them the cert last year?

Somebody else mentioned people placing ads on Gumtree...this doesnt always mean that they are not reputable. We sometimes place ads on Gumtree if we are covering a new area for our courses, as it gets the word out while the SEO on our website 'catches up'

It is easy enough for somebody to get a lovely shiny website as well, which may suggest they are reputable when they are not
Got my insurance with salon gold they never asked for my certificate she recommended them x
thats awful but totally your fault dont worry if u retrain no one will think anything of it you are just improving your skills - maybe add another method on so u can learn something new!
Lush-us are great for extensions training and are recomended by lots on salon geek x
Yes lush us are going to sort me out :) x
Hun I'm really sorry.have u checked with company's house?
Get in contact with a solicitor that can give u advice for free before taking the case to see if it's worth following up or cutting ur losses and going on another course.
I don't do extensions but lush us has a great reputation on here and would be my choice of I decided to train and do extensions xoxo
Yes lush us are going to sort me out :) x

That's what I love about this site, I've seen this happen so many times, when a good trainer is a member of salon geek and they step forward and help out.
Well done lush us.
Re salon gold, I was insured with them, not this year, abt beat their quote, but salon gold are a good insurance company, BUT you only need to show them your certificate if there is a problem. It's done this way to keep admin costs down, which means they can usually quote less than other companies.
Which of course means, they have your money and if there turns out to be a problem with your certificate then they will email you and tell you that you are not covered after you have tried to claim.
I'm not saying, don't use salon gold, I'm saying that you need to be sure your certs are accredited because Salon gold, unlike other insurance companies will not check that they are accredited.
who was this with? i think i had the same :( x

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