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Jan 11, 2003
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I was just wondering, does anybody have any suggestions on colour schemes for French polishes that look good? Anybody ever hit on a really spectacular colour combo?

My favorite french is to use OPI Papua Pink Pearl over a really snowy white. It looks clean & fresh, just a little twist on the classic.

All suggestions welcome

Hi Kitty
I am into glitter at the mo :D bright glitters on the tip I think looks really cool also I like to put little tiny flowers just under the glitter on the smile line
Take care Dawnie
I really like to do different frenchs. Like yesterday I did gold polish on the tips and gold glitter over the whole nail. Or blue tips and a very pale blue over the nail. Any color combo like that is really fun.

But for regular french I like CND cremepuff (that is the white white I believe) and OPI Hawaiian orchid. CND Negligee is really nice for a very subtle french as well.

Then if you want reaaaallly subtle I use OPI Swedish nude on the tips and something really sheer like Coney Island Cotton candy (or Negligee). That is a really light french manicure or as we call it in the US..american manicure.

Really the combinations are endless
Christie's Nails said:
That is a really light french manicure or as we call it in the US.. american manicure.

Hey Christie....

Is the brand American Manicure still floating about? Havent really seen them since I... well... left America :rolleyes:
Have you used it? If so... what is your impression?
I have the whole american manicure set of polishes. I don't really use them much. The way they want you to polish it on is kinda goofy... I only use the colors when someone basically wants clear polish but I want to give them just a hint of color.

I do a really natural looking french with OPI or CND polish and call it an american manicure. And let the "American Manicure" polish set sit in my roll about...lol
Another combo I've found very popular, particularly in winter, is a really dark chocolate brown ( not metallic) over the nail with the tips done in a beautiful gold, or bronzy-gold.

looks really chic.
My fav at the moment is OPI/Nicole's American Ocean tipped w/Mad for metal chrome. Love it mainly my toes, but I always seem to go a little extreme on my toes. For prom this season this type of fun french is very popular with the girls and apparently a couple of the guys. :D If I could paint the french tip straight enough I would like this combo on my fingers as well. :?
This is a little polish for spring time. I thought it was so pretty

one of my Fav's
Love Ruthx
"permanent" french with: EasyFlows boogie nights collection for the tips (the one I've been using is the dark pink/ fushia mix)and the pinkest pink of TT. I call it my "springtime pizazz"! If they are daring enough, I then put a thin coat of OTD glitter top coat over it.
I enjoy painting french's on too. However, I haven't found my fave combination yet.

the colours I use are by CND:

Cream Puff for white tip
Moonlight & Roses
Transparent Touch

the 3 colours are used all over the nail they leave a lovely shine over the nail and they are also lovely varnishes to use.

Jue :D
I found a cool combination mostly by accident. the base color a dark navy blue, and the tips a bright red! Looks good on short nails. I was going for a USA patriotic look in remembrance of the space shuttle went down. Some of the nails then had a clear gold glitter topcoat, some just clear with a little USA flag decal. It looked pretty cool!
How much time do I have on my hands?????

I did it in 2 colours so it was supposed to be like the tiger print???

Get it??

I was playing around the other day & I did clear beds & tips were tiger print.
Tacky as it sounds it actually worked really, really well. My cousin is a 'french,french, french' girl & never wants anything else on her nails. EVER. But I said, let me just try this new design on 1 nail & if you hate it, I'll take it off & do the normal old french.Well, I did 1 nail & she loved it so much that I was allowed to do it on all her nails!! :shock: :shock:

Not only that but I've got 9 brand new bookings from her friends who all want extensions & 'the same tiger french as Sarah'

So the moral of my amazingly long story is nail art is GRRRRRREAT!!

I have seen that before in magazines and stuff. It looks cool!

Another combo I've 'discovered' & is going down a storm is a nice ultra white tip, & a nude base. within the base is 10 or so small strands of gold 'glitter' (about 3mm long each) all put on hap-hazardly. Gosh, thats confusing :shock: so let me re-cap, white tip, nude base with small strands of gold in it.

It looks much prettier than it sounds!!

ive got a lot of frenchy's mainly from playing around with polishes plus i can never get the white to go on properly I have a nice pale green with a cream tip and a dark green line in between then a small shammrock on the tip and all over very light glitter.
also a red nail, navy tip, white line inbetween and gem in middle of cheron all over light glitter..umm what else. black with white french cheveron and gem at point...very nice for blacktie do. I have a pearly creamypinky nail with white tip then black tiger stripe over tip thats nice too
im gonna go now and try out all your ideas
hope you all get tonsa easter eggs
:D I like OPIs Hawaiian orchid on the nail with Kyoto pearl tip...its slightly funky but not too out there for those clients who are wierd that way :rolleyes:
I do quite a few different french manicures. I like painting flowers in the tip; I have a denim blue metallic colour with black roses painted on for the tip, and the smile line is made of rhinestones. Something simple like a gold metallic colour instead of white for the tip. I also have one where I painted a flower vine crawling up the side and curling into the tip. Another with bright pink spiral rings at the corner of the tip, also one where I've sponged on a colour to one corner of the tip so it gives a hint of a different colour. Gold or pink is good for this.

Ah im buzzing today..must be all the chocolate!!


I do a freaky french for halloween, polish the nails black and then for the french tip draw spiderwebs! Then for one accent nail have a spider coming down.
I have a really nice French that I do which is similar to Kitty's. I do a normal french and then on the white I do gold or silver tiger stripes. Looks very eye-catching but subtle.
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