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Aug 15, 2013
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What is you favourite nail shape? I still like white tips and square (with a little diamond in the corner of one nail).
I love my nails to be almond shaped if I'm wearing enhancements. And anything goes colour or design-wise. If they're natural, then I'll have short and square but I prefer almond enhancements - they elongate the fingers and make them look so elegant.

If I'm wearing a French I like to extend my nail bed with opaque powder/gel and I'll generally have some additives/glitters mixed in for some sparkle. Cos a girl's gotta have some sparkle :D

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Same as Linzi - when wearing enhancements I'm somewhere in between an almond and mountain peak. Natural nails, definitely short & square and usually always dark! :)
I'm obsessed with almond and can't imagine going back to square , when I look back at old pics they look a bit odd LOL
Between almond and stiletto. I have converted all but a couple of clients to almond. Like it's been said they just look so much more elegant then square. X

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Thanks for the replies, must try something new for Christmas:biggrin: Almond here I come.:biggrin:
After 10 years plus of wearing my own nails squoval, I've now opted for almond too.
I definitely have 'cursed' nails as well as fingers I think! I'm persisting with Almond shape on myself but I always feel that they look better square on me.
I love almond going to a slight point, my natural nails are almond but I'm planning to extend them a bit more with Brisa lite this weekend.
I've always worn my nails square or squoval, but I tried the almond shape and truly love it. When I wear enhancements, they will always be almond or stiletto shape.
Almond for me ladies, never been a fan of square. If there really short (normally after so break) then it's rounded until I get the growth there to get back the Almond
Mirror impression of my cuticle's shape no matter what's the lenght - I've tried all the other shapes but they don't work with my nails and almond/stiletto look like claws! :D
I always had square, but changed to almond shape and I love them! ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1381582055.354517.jpg
Sorry to butt in but I like the idea of shaping them to match the cuticle line but I've just looked at my cubicles and they are all different! My thumbs and middle fingers are very square and all the rest are rounded. What shape would suit me best? X

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Dagnammit...I've always had squoval, but now I'm feeling like I'm stuck in a time warp lol, after reading this. Maybe I should try something new.
Defo need to try it, there will b no going back once u try this stunning shape , I think it's here to stay rather than just a trend, bye bye squoval you have had your day
I'm a square girl.
I've always been squoval but really want to try almond now
I am leaning towards almond lately, but long almond if that makes sense? I will be honest - all the different nail shapes confuse the life out of me! So I'm not sure my favourite shape is even almond?

Enlighten me please x

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