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Oct 6, 2003
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Can anyone tell me what watt UV lamp is required for Faze gel? I have historically offered only gel in my salon but when/if I pass my foundation CND I will be offering L&P also and would like to get everything from one supplier (so my poorly brain can stop hurting :thumbsup: ). Has anyone used Faze and any advice/comments? I have a 36 watt lamp, is this ok for this gel?? Jxx
Well Hun,
I presume its a 4 bulb light tunnel......... each bulb being 9 watt hence the 36 watt ...........just a larger covering area
It will cure at 9 watts and will cure a whole hand in one go..............
but still only 9 watts and thats fine for gels........... I still use the 6 watt and cure for 3 minutes...........So your lamp will cure Faze just fine.........

Faze is a pretty good Gel, has been around for ages and I have used it with grat success in the past..................
love Ruth xxxx
Your lamp is just fine for Faze ... and now you can do the whites with the brush on acrylic white - which is so quick and easy and whiter than white which is way whiter than most gels.

Just apply your bonder layer - cure - wipe of dispersion layer - lightly buff zone 1 to smooth - paint on 'More Than White' liquid acrylic - let dry 2 minutes - continue with your builder and top coat finish layers.
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