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Oct 6, 2003
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Can anyone help me find decent and pretty nail piercings. I've been looking for a while with no joy :(

Carrie x
Sawasdee ka

i not sure if want nail jewlery but if you want look .

1 of them have many jewlery and not exspensive i think if you buy many can buy for 1 american dollar for 1 distributer price 1.50 for if you not buy many and them send to you ka .

Kop khun ka mui ka are now stocking a range of sterling silver and 14ct gold from Jewel of the Nail. They have a slider or ball so that they do not catch on anything.

have you checked out creative nail place? some fab ones on there
i get mine from millenium nails, theres quite a few to choose from, some are a bit tacky for my taste but i find the teardrop diamond ones sell well and other similar tasteful designs.they only cost about £1.25 each and i sell for £4.50 but offer free piercing with each purchase.they have a fastening like on a necklace so they are simple for the client to remove for bed, hairwashing etc.
I have got some lovely nail jewellery from Exquisite Creations, Sam is the guy you want, the contact no. is: 020 8249 3771 ask for a brouchure.

Charm Nails are also pretty good and have some stunning stuff 01923 822492, for brochure...........

Both Companies are a pleasure to deal with..............
hope this helps
Ruth is right about Exquisite,
I have bought several 9ct gold pieces from Sam who is a great guy. I dont go anywhere else now!
I once bought a couple of 9ct pieces from a general product supplier, they charged me 3 quid p&p then just sent them in a first class envelope, they werent even in a bit of bubble wrap. They arrived damaged :x
With Exquisite, I got next day delivery, they were gift-boxed ... and beautiful!.
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