First attempt at water marbelling on real nails!!


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Dec 7, 2006
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This is my first attempt on real nails (my own) rather than a tip on a stick!! Quite impressed with the result although it was very messy!! Could have been messier if it wasn't for a geek in another thread who advised me to use vaseline around the finger!

What do you think please?! xx:rolleyes:
vey pretty..would look nice as a french,too.
I think they look wonderful! I have tried this myself, on myself a while ago and mine didn't look as good as yours do! I'm gonna have to try it again!
Well done, the effect looks lovely x
Well Done Sophie, they look fabulous, for your first attempt that is brill.

Well done x
vey pretty..would look nice as a french,too.

how would you do it as a french? would u have to clean up with a corrector pen to make the smile line 'smiley' rather than straight? and would u still put on a base coat?
Love the colours hun, great effect. Well done xxxx

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