first crystal pedicure plz help


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Apr 30, 2010
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hi there,
i have someone wanting me to do a crystal pedicure for her as shes goin on holiday for 2weeks and i've read through all the threads but so many options of how to apply n whats best ect ect ect, am still not sure what to do

i read on the threads that some use glaze n go

that sounds ideal to me as i dont want to put anythin over the crystals.
but how would you remove them???
and would you have to do gel or acrylic overlay first, to lay the glaze n go onto??

i dont have any soak off gels as i only use acrylics at the mo,but i do have a lamp and some clear gel, glaze n go and perma gloss.

thanks in advance for replys
When I did mine, I used topcoat to attach the gems ( little by little ) and then put a layer of topcoat over them. I had mine on for approx 9 weeks with no problems.

Not used Glaze n go over them as I wasn't sure being my first attempt.
so they stayed for 9weeks just polish secure, wow thats a long time.
when you put polish on top did it make them less shiney, or did you put the top layer of top coat carefully inbetween the crystals?

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