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Oct 27, 2006
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Hello Geeks!

Need some info with a problem on my Mum's mails. She has very strong nails and I regularly manicure them for her. She has natural nails. Her middle finger nail has started to flake in one spot. I have used toughen up as the base all the time but this one nail is still flakey. She applies solar oil and has invested in gloves for all her jobs at home.
Would you do a nno, or shall I jus keep working away with the oil and manicures? :rolleyes:
Thanks in advance
Hiya, i'd probably keep up with the manicures, if you put a tip or overlay over the top it'll make her nail weaker underneath. I'd just keep the nail quite short coz it might break off where its flaking. I use Nailtiques and thats really good for flakey nails
hope this helps!
Jenna x

It sounds like that nail is dehydrated. Does your mum use gloves when doing household chores as repeat washing of hands etc can cause nails to flake due to chemical/detergents taking the natural oils out of the nails, as can nail polish remover. I do my mums nails for her and I can only use OPI sensitive polish remover as all others I have tried make her nails flake.

Try performing a warm oil or parafin wax treatment on your mums nails as this will add the moisture back.

if you put a tip or overlay over the top it'll make her nail weaker underneath.
Jenna x

sorry dont get why you say the above??:)

to peepaws
also is she using the finger in question to do anything in particular,
ie peeling off sticky labels?
using that finger with cloth wrapped round it soaked in a cleaning agent?
are you filing into shape with a too harsh a file?
is she nibbling at that particular nail with out realising it?
I have a client with exceptionally bad flaking nails and it is something she has always suffered with. She is a qualified beautician and did mani and pedi as part of her course so therefore knows how to look after her nails.

To make her nails look more presentable I do a gel NNO but wrap the ends in silk first (after gently filing away the flacky bits). This seems to be working as the gel on its own lifts from the free edge.

Hope this helps

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