Flying with Shellac ?


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Sep 30, 2008
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Wichita Kansas !
Going to Germany in few weeks ( hubby will soon be back from Iraq!!!)
anyway looks like I may have a waiting list for shellac developing over there.

As there seems to be a "bit" of a shortage world wide I don't think i'd even try CND Germany ,

But if I take mine on the flight will it thicken? Climb out? Seperate ? Cure ? Or anything ,

I'm only asking as I know some nail products do strange things in flight lol
I would thoroughly clean your bottles, wrap it up in plastic wrap, and put it in a plastic bag just incase it does leak
As Jenny says, make sure bottles are capped tight and wrap each bottle separately. Nail products are shipped by air all the time. Packing is the most important part. Make sure they go in the bag in the hold not in cabin luggage.
:) thanks , i've got my light in it's bag & box strangly we got some uk wall plugs in our house there lol ,

So I'll get some bubble wrap & tape . :)