Food Intolerance Testing?


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Jun 22, 2007
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Sorry guys, possibly the wrong forum but not sure where to post...
Does anyone offer food intolerance testing? Or has anyone ever had this done? What were your experiences? I have a strong suspicion I have a dairy allergy, but don't want to be given incorrect and potentially harmful info

Hoping you geeks can help :)
Sorry guys, possibly the wrong forum but not sure where to post...
Does anyone offer food intolerance testing? Or has anyone ever had this done? What were your experiences? I have a strong suspicion I have a dairy allergy, but don't want to be given incorrect and potentially harmful info

Hoping you geeks can help :)

I've seen it advertised in a health food shop - I think it was GNC, I don't know if you have them in Warrington.

My brother had it done, and he got a list about four pages long of things he was either allergic to or intolerant of (there's a difference between an allergy and intolerance, btw). He said the list is of absolutely everything you react to, even very mildly, so he actually only took any notice of the things he reacted the most to.

On the other hand, if you think you may have a dairy intolerance, why not try cutting it out of your diet for a couple of weeks and see how you feel after that. It's a lot cheaper than the testing thingy. Make sure you check labels on packets quite carefully as sometimes they hide lactose in products that you wouldn't expect.
Thanks, rouge.

I have heard that you get reams and reams of paper with things you are allergic/intolerant to...and have tried to cut out dairy but my love affair with cheese won't let me, lol. I'm the kind of person that needs to see it in writing before I take it seriously, lol. Dr Gillian McKeith would have a field day with me :green:
This is quite an intersting thread, I have a nasty feeling I may have a wheat intorance as I bloat like I'm 6 months pregnant every time I eat:eek: and I do eat quite alot of wheat. If there is anybody else on here who has a wheat intolerance I would really like you to PM me with how you cope because if i cut out wheat then 2/3 of my diet is gone!! Sorry to hijack the thread!
Some health shops provide this service, as do Chinese herbalists.
Hi guys,

I also was really really bloated had this done in a health food shop "food for living" and it was £55.00 and well worth it, they test you for intollerence to 60 different types of food, flavourings, tobacco, alcohol etc. I was intollerent to MSG (monosodium glutamate) and tomatoes, I cut it all out (which was a nightmare as MSG is in everything) and I felt SO much better, I then gradually introduced it again, I find I am then fine for a bit and if the bloating starts I cut it out again!

Would recommend for anyone as they give you loads of hints and tips too! :)

That sounds great Miss that a chain of shops, or something local to you?
They only have two shops, both local to me in Kent.

I just searched on google and couldn't come up with anything food intolerence testing in Warrington but if you look in the yellow pages they should have something similar near you, I know it is quite popular now!

Also another thing I found helped my bloating was to drink lots of peppermint and green tea every day!!! Seriously makes a difference in the meantime!

Thanks Miss Bliss, I'll look this up when I get home and let everyone know how I get on. Incidentally, it's not bloating I suffer from it's excess mucus (yuck!) production in the nose/throat, and it seems to happen every time I eat dairy. Not sure peppermint tea will help with that, but at least I don't need milk in it :green:
This is one of those interesting areas that will cause huge debate!

I have had food intollerance testing and ended up with hundreds of things that I couldn't eat it was rediculous, although interesting. However I do ask myself how can they determin what you are allergic/intolerant to by send electormagnetic pulses through your hand - thats how mine were done!

Having worked in the UK for a company that deals with health insurance, the only allergy testing that they would pay for and recognise are the ones that are carried out through blood tests that your GP needs to refer you for.

I have suspected that I have a wheat intolerance also and having spoken to my GP back in the UK and the one that I have here it seems the only real way to test for intollerances is to do an exclusion diet where you cut out everything and start with basic foods like chicken and rice and slowly add stuff back in and monitor your bodies responses! It is a very lenghty process and doesn't give you much choice on what you eat for a while so most people find this too difficult to complete.

My doctor here told me that the best healthy diet for people is a caveman diet - meat, berries, fish vegetables etc, all natural foods with no additives or chemicals. My personal opinion is that intolerances are caused by the amount of crap we eat! 20 years ago when people cooked more instead of eating ready meals things like IBS and depression and allergies were a lot less.
Nicifer Noo Noo - there I am telling you to drink peppermint tea to cure your mucus :) Like you say though no milk!!!! They do talk to you about everything though so worth a go I think, although I do agree with Jackie that it is down to the amount of cr*p we eat as MSG is basically the bad stuff that makes food taste good so no wonder that was no good for me!

I hope it works out for you!

i had a test done about a year ago and it has helped me to manage my diet big time! i suffered from IBS badly. the test was done at holland and barrett in woking but i know this man does it privately which i can get the number for.
he said i was intollerant to...tomatos..(no pasta for me- i'm italian!) ..... ..mono..something gutamate....(myfavorite take away- chinese).....yeast...(bread)....slight wheat.....mushrooms (no fry-ups!)....... and last but not least......CHOCOLATE!!!!.....yes chocolate...can you believe it?!..well- when he told me all this i thought my life was gonna end!

but when i cut it all out i felt less bloated and went to the loo regulary. my mum lost weight when she cut things out.
but when i have a sneaky fry-up or chocolate i feel really sluggish and have terrible wind and constipation (sorry guys- not nice!)

but when i do i then drink loads of water after but dont feel the same till after a week

i recomend it to everyone to have this test done cos you will feel energetic after and lighter

i really makes u aware of what ur eating

good luck
Alex, you've inspired me to track down someone to get this done with :)

Do you know if all Holland and Barretts do it? The hours I work are a pain in the butt and mean that I can't go mooching about town to find someone :(

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