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Jul 12, 2005
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East Kilbride, Scotland
I started using the Creative Buffer Block and was amazed at the lovely shiny finish it gave on my enhacements. So much so that I forgot about my Girlfriend Buffer.

Whilst having a tidy out I picked up the Girlfriend Buffer and did a few swipes on my nail and was reminded about how I used to love it. It's back on the top shelf of my beauty box.

Does anyone else have a favoutite tool/product, etc they have stopped using for a while, but when they try it out again wonder why they stopped using it?

Marion x
not quite the same but TIPS....

I have been sculpting for ages now and when the new Performance tips came out i wanted to try them. Got some the other week and love them....i am crazy about tipping again now.

Good Thread xx
I know waht you mean about the performance tips angie. I hated tipping and mainly sculpted, brought myself a box and think they are great.
Believe it or not, with me it was Radical... I have been using and wearing Retention+ for so long I forgot good ole Radical which is still a brilliant liquid. I think Geeg still uses this more than Ret+ too...

On a complete consumer side... was cleaning draws as you so after Christmas and came across my Carmex... I have so many different lip balms (I lovebuying new ones)... but Carmex still works the best IMHO!! Back on my bedside for night time!!
For me its ridgefiller (opi), I had not been using it recently but used it at the weekend I forgot the shine it gives when used as a basecoat!

I agree good thread,

Becki xxx

ooooh and on a not nail front I found a pair of gorgeous cream patent round toes in my wardrobe that I loved, they will get an outing soon!

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