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Jul 19, 2005
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Cannock, Staffordshire
I have asked a few geeks already what they think about this. I am trying to work on my Free Edge and am worried that these are too thin. They look thicker in the picture than they do when I look at them. i would say they are 1mm thick.

Any pointers?


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They dont look too thin Rach but as you know I am no expert. How are they wearing cause I now you have had these on for a few days now.

I would have thought that you would make them as thin you can without causing any problems with the longivity. I also believe that as long as there is sufficient support in the apex and they show to last then they are fine.

I guess the proof will show next week if they are still in tact (which i think they will be). that is if you have got bored of them by that time and changed then to something else :lol: - like you do.
Gorgeous c-curve :D
I think it needs a tad more of an apex, it looks a little flat in the pic, but it could be the angle it was taken.
The thickness is fine Rach only thing I can pick out on the first picture is that you have your apex and then a slight dip, Build this up more for strength.:hug:
Your FE is perfect in my books.. for wearable nails (not comp nails) I always stick to Credit card thickness for the FE, never have probs with them, and I am super dooper hard on my nails.
They are all still on, chipped the corner on the middle one, on wrong hand, washing up, but apart from that all ok so far xxxx

Thanks for the comments xx
Its snot fair, i want to be able to sculpt like that :cry:
they look beautiful to me, sculpts always look nicer than tips with that lovely curved free edge
the free edge looks good to me.thats about the same thickness as mine.ias long as they last then thats all that matters.nice work
Hi hun x

The FE looks perfect to me, credit card thickness is where I aim for and they look about that.

Apex could be a little more built up imo however, the overall appearance look gorgeous, love glitter tips.

I couldn't sculpt my own nails if my life depended on it! So well done for that!!!
Your apex looks pretty cool to me, just needs a wee bit of clear to fill the dip on your free edge and your free edge looks fine to me.

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