Freeform P&W. 1st Attempt.


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Aug 6, 2007
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I believe this is the edges version of popits. I recieved them today and had a go with them just now. I done pink and white acrylic. More harder than i thought. But the form was easy to remove but wasnt easy to mark the smile line. I believe Geegs tip was to use a white tip the use a clear acrylic (sorry Geeg if i got that wrong).
Anyway it was my first time, did have a couple seeping and the smile line was a lot harder than sculpt. Let me know what you think.
If anything else it would be ok to do on myself.
Thanks for all critique in advance. :) xxx

P.S. The smile lines are not smiley at all but did have a lot of problems but hopefully i can work out a way to mark it correctly. Cant wait for sample of popits to come so i can try them :), xx.


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You can use a white tip then just use clear or pink in the form or

apply your tips, apply your white smile thinly then use clear or pink in the form to overlay or

you can put the white smile in the form let it set then put your clear or pink in the form and apply (pop it on lol) so it is like a sculpt hth

oh yes sorry you have done very well with your first try :hug:
well bettyboo...i think you have done really well with your first attempt....well done for posting pictures hun xx
Well Done..... for your 1st try. They'll only get better from now on.
I think you're so brave posting them on here. I got my PopIts yesterday and haven't even had the courage to try one. (Actually, I haven't had a minute to myself and also, I've got a lovely set of nails on already and don't want to take them off !!!!)
However, when I do eventually try them out, I hope that they're as good as yours - but I doubt it .....
1st try is always a learning curve, keep it up and you'll be an expert in no time, thanks for posting
Thankyou so much for all your replies and support :hug:. xxx

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