French Manicure advice

Hi all,

Do you find that one or two coats of white are best when doing white French tips (non shellac)? Thinking coverage versus it being too thick and chipping?

I trained with the beauty academy and their training wasn't great - am waiting to go on a sweet squared course but want to get as much advice before so that I can continue to practice the little that I did learn!!!

Thanks :)


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I find that on shorter nails, one coat is suffice; on longer nails, two coats is generally what I prefer.

There are no hard and fast rules though - I go by eye and see what's best for the individual client.

Ooh, you'll LOVE the S2 course! It's like a reawakening :D

Miss Pink23

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I always do one coat. I find two coats is too thick and never dries thoroughly enough, causing the client to smudge them before you /they leave.
Thanks guys - what's your experience with how many layers of pink too? I was thinking two coats pink then the white if the client wants a very white tip but if the client wants a more natural look then one coat of pink before the white then one coat of pink after?

Thanks for your advice :)
I was taught white then pink which as you say is more natural but if they like the white brighter I do opposite.
Regarding number of white coats I find it depends on the quality and thickness of the polish. X


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I always do 2 thin coats, but then I always make sure I'm working with a newish polish which is very viscous for French and it makes it so much easier, and of course new polish dries quicker than old.

I do the white before the pink . . . I like the result it gives, more seamless somehow, also if you do fluff it, you only have to re-do the base coat and not all the layers! :green:

Miss Pink23

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I do white first and then pink.


Pink over white I believe is called an American manicure?

I ask my client what they like and go from there.
My preference is to do a very sheer pink and then a soft white but I really hate doing them because they're so nineties! Haha x