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Aug 7, 2003
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Hi all

my white polish i use on clients goes gloopy after a few uses, i shake the bottle to try and thin it out but this does not seem to work.

Does anyone have any advice on keeping my white polish nice and thin..

take care

cazza :huh: :huh: :huh:
What polish are you using?

Normally they only need rolled between the hands rather than a shake.

Also make sure you wipe round the neck of the bottle with acetone to keep them clean. If the bottle is not sealed fully then this may cause gloopiness as the solvents can evaporate off.
Why not just use an enamel brand that never goes gloopy such as Creative enamels and colours.

There aren't even thinners sold for these enamels as they stay consistent for months and months (years even).
They do a white enamel called Creme puff - great coverage and NO streaks.
Many professional enamels are thixotropic. That means that they should thin when aggitated.

If it is thixotropic, turn the bottle upside down and roll between your hands to thin it out. I would avoid using thinners as they make your enamel duller and more prone to discolour.

o yea, avoid storing any enamel with no lid and near the oven... even a thixotropic enamel will go bad on you there ;)

Hope this helps
Yes i have to agree with geeg, creme puff is excellent for french manicure, it goes on first time without effort or streaks and never goes gloopy.

Kerrie :)
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