Fringe/Bangs - side or full?


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Oct 14, 2006
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Sydney, Australia
I haven't been to the hairdresser for too long (I vowed I would get regular trims but havent :(), so my layers have grown out to a past the shoulder/part in the middle Brady look.

I need a new look!

I am thinking of a fringe again but I find normal fringes are so hard to control, especially when it's windy or humid.

Are side fringes easier to handle? Can they be turned into a normal fringe later if need be? Are they still in?

I was thinking to renew the layers, get a side fringe and get the outerside part of the fringe a caramel colour with the rest of the hair dark chocolate brown (think Kat from LA Ink - but caramel instead of blonde).
Hi its hard to say without actually seeing your hair first , but a side fringe quite is easy to handle ,

you could have it cut slightly longer then you can always go a bit shorter personally I quite like the fringes that have a shorter side at one brow then sweeps down to a longer side covering the other brow , or you can sweep it backwards a bit more for a change if you if you want .

Anyhow sweepy fringes are all in fashion and so are full fringes too, but they may be harder to keep in place .

As for the colour it depends on what you already have on it ?
(as tint will not lift tint some pre lifting may be required )

I would go to a good hairdresser or College who will advise you on what the best colour choices for your hair type and what colour placement will compliment the type of fringe you choose ,
she/ he may have some colour swatches she / he can hold to your hair .

Ps Colleges are excellent and have fantastic guidance ,
plus they wont be as expensive to keep up the good work :)
good luck :hug: x


Thanks for the help Minky! I think I will go for the side fringe as you describe..... I love a full fringe but can never keep them in place...

I didn't think of a college - will see what they recommend... thanks again :)

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