Frizzy hair?


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Nov 3, 2010
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I have wavy blonde hair, and it does have a tendency to have a little too much volume. However, it is smooth most of the time with the exception when I go outside, where is frizzes tremendously. I live in the UK and for some reason the cold makes my hair 5x as fizzy and looks like cotton candy. What are some products I can use or treatments for this ??
What kind of products do you use the majority of the time? Conditoner? serum? styling products? Is the blonde your natural base? sorry for the bombardment of questions sometimes you get more of a clue! xoxo
I actually have medium brown reddish hair, but bleached to a golden/platinum color. I am currently using redken's extreme shampoo, frederik fekkai protein reparative conditioner and 5 min of clairol colourseal gloss intense conditioner every other wash. And then redken's fresh curls after my hair is washed. That is all... But considering what's happening, this is not working...haha
Try a brazillian blowdry a super smoothing treatment .
Afterparty from Tigi
It's in a pink pump bottle. It's fantastic. Put a pump or 2 on before you dry it, just not near roots, and you can also put a bit on after you dry it if needed x
hi i have super frizz ball hair so i decided to give the brazilian blow dry a go! wow wow and more wow! used to take me about an hour if i wanted my hair to look sleek and smooth and bearing in my mind my hair is curly it now takesme 15 minutes with a paddle brush i havnt event used the straightners this treatment is amazing i would so recommend it i really am ot having any more bad hair days. go for itxx
hey -

Yeah, I would defo do a brazillian blow dry. Try your local salon or a website (i need an appointment). It'll list salons that offer that service and let you compare the prices.

Hope that helps
Your hair sounds like it might be overcooked, over porous slightly. If your saying its as dry as it is, i wouldnt recommend any bbdry, i would recommend that you have a deep condition and ends repair product. (the ones you got do work their magic!) I think several factors are in play if your constantly straightening it, your hairs naturally curly and that you've dyed it on top would definalty dry your hair out.

If you have no change in two week i recommend that you buy a styling gel to calm the frizz down! hths xoxo
Hey there. Actually my hair is pretty healthy. I have been treating it with a bunch of products for awhile now, so i am actually pretty happy with its condition. I never use blow driers, i just air dry it. The only problem is when it is sort of raining or really humid, when it becomes super frizzy. When that is not the case my hair looks really good, like it has natural beachy waves. so i was just wondering if there are any good products to control frizziness in the winter weather??

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