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Jan 10, 2016
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Hi guys new here, me and my business partner are opening a nail salon/beauty salon we are just stuck on one problem. Which is the fume extraction which we have read on the HSE SR13

"Control odour. Provide an extractor hood or a downdraught table. See illustrations:
■ you need a downdraught around 1 metre per second into the table; or
■ you need an inlet air speed around 0.5 metres per second into the extractor hood."

What is everyone else doing to keep within the Regulations

Thanks in Advance
*shrug* proper nail stations and good ventilation, extractor fan if you need one. Going to depend on your set up really, best to contact your council if you're not sure.
These desks, whilst I am sure are very good for nail work, will not meet the regulations in SR13 which states "filter air for return to the salon or discharge outside". These type of desks or desk top dust extractors may help with nail dust but will do nothing for the fumes and odours that you and your staff and clients will breath in, on a daily basis. They have not got activated carbon filters in them that will clean the air ready to return to the salon. and will fail any inspection on that basis.
Ambermist will soon be distributing a Salon Ventilation System that includes a overhead desk top extraction unit for nail dust, with Real Activated Carbon Filters for Fumes and Odours, and a Desk/Floor Standing Unit that contains over 3kg of Real Activated Carbon for Fumes, Odours and some Viruses including some strains of flue, and a HEPA filter to EN-1822-1 (0.3 micron size particles to 99.99%) (Dust, pollen, allergens etc).
These units will give real protection to your customers and, in particular, you and your staff and more than meet the regulations in Coshh SR 13.
The desk top unit, has an intergrall LED light and will retail at around £165.00 and the larger unit will retail at around £400. We may also offer payment plans subject to terms and conditions if the units are purchased together, as is recommended. The expected launch date is mid February, full details, brochures online video etc will be available then or before and if possible they will be on show at professional beauty excel at the end of February.

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