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Nov 17, 2003
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Evening all,

One of my regular clients told me one of funniest stories i have ever heard yesterday! This client is very witty, also a little scatty, which she wont mind me adding as she agrees! Anyhow this is it.... One evening she went along to her local conservative club, where they have a weekly prize draw where you can win joints and pieces of various meats. She was with her partner, and as usual as she is very lucky, they won the most lovely huge piece of ham. They decided this particular evening to be romantic and walk home instead of getting a taxi, so they set off and the most torrential rain started to pour. They were really getting soaked so they started to run, her husband in front of her to shield her, ( and the ham) from the rain. They turned the corner, still running at full speed, and this lady was running with her head down, as you do to keep the rain off your face. Anyway, her husband moved out of the way to the left very quickly to avoid a lampost, and as my client had her head down, she didnt see him do it and ran, full speed, head down into this lampost, butting it like a goat!!!! Well, she knocked herself unconsious, and woke in the ambulance with her husband, and this piece of ham! She fell unconsious again and came too in the hospital, asking the nurses to keep her piece of ham in the fridge till she went home!! I found this hilarious, and couldnt do her nails as i was crying with laughter!! Do any others have any funny stories that clients tell you??

sawasdee ka

The story is very funny i laugh all the time when i read we have some funny story but is now 2 in the morning and i am tired i have to sleep i hope to read some more fun story tomorrow and i will post some funny story .

Thank you your story very fun and very good i sorry to laugh at this lady but i can not stop laugh i am sorry thank you very funny

mui :biggrin:
Thanks for sharing that it gave me a great laugh :lol:

Poor woman

Hi guys,

Seen as you all enjoyed the story my client told me, i'll tell you ( quickly) the other story she told me. Now this client of mine passes out very easily, yep she faints at the slightest bit of pain, and one afternoon she was clearing up her sons lego blocks. She happened to kneal on one of those wretched little blocks, and thought "oh no im going to faint" so she decided to lie down on the floor to stop her hurting herself when she fainted!! She awoke in the ambulance with the paramedic asking " what pills have you taken louise?" !!! Now the paramedic thought she'd taken an overdose as she was found unconcious by her neighbour. She managed to tell them she'd hurt her knee before passing out again. When she awoke in the hospital her leg had been plaster casted from the hip to the ankle, with the nurse saying, we x-rayed and couldnt find anything so plastered it to be safe!! This lady could hardly explain to this nurse for crying with laughter that she had only knelt on a lego block and fainted!! Again i really was crying with laughter at this story, and i promise that however insane it sounds, it really is true!! This client always makes me smile!!

Michelle. xx
enjoyed the stories - sounds like this client should be on stage!!! even comedians say the funniest stories are the true ones hahaha

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