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Crazy Geekette
Jan 10, 2003
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What a fantastic day :thumbsup:

Firstly well done to faye, ruth and liza you are so great girls :salute:

A big thank you to dawnie and her daughter gemma for making it such a fab day couldn't go to a show without you now both and we never got lost again can you beleive that one :goal:

Brilliant time on the creative stand as ever, samantha can't wait for that Scratch picture babe :silly: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
and sam the rough look is kinda cool ;) ;)

Antony what can i say the nail is beautiful that you did for me if you want a peek click here http://crazyncreative.tripod.com/crazyncreativenails/id6.html

Geeg we all missed you loads wish you could have been with us hopefully next time :D
Well this is written as a very proud Mum !!!!!!Faye got second place in the virgins wooohooooooooo !!!!!
Liza got a cool second place in sculpts and I have to add, that there was only one point difference between her and the first place............. So how tight was that ????
Well done Hun xxxxxxxxxxxx

I got a cool 5th place, in my first time competiting with the big boys, and yes, yet again Faye and I got judged with the L&P Competitors.........

So this goes to show, you can give L&P a good run for it'smoney with the Fabric System !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So over and out for now
I am all compt out
Time for voddy and orange............Caroline and Dawnie, girls where would we be without you cheering us on and my Voddy and Orange ?????xxxxxxxxxx Thanks girls we love ya xxxxxxxx

Ruth xxxxxxxxxxx
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you are okay. (Well, as much as can be expected I mean :oops: )

Congratulations to you all.

I'm really sorry I couldn't stay for the results! You all did excellently and I am pleased I got to meet a few of you! I had to get off but you all seemed to be a bit dazed anyway and looked as if you could all do with a stiff drink! :D

I hope to talk to you all more next time I see you.

Unfortunatley I didn't see Samantha, although I kept my eyes out! Sam must have been shattered, he was working so hard doing demo after demo. The Creative stand was packed.

I even ended up advising a girl which product to get and why! LOL :D

I had a huge hang over, and a really sore face because some random guy had punched me the night before :evil:

Anyway, Well Done, and I best get to work!
it was a pleasure doing the nail for you caroline, great to get to sit and chat to you.

the thanks should go to you guys

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