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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Well what can I say. :D
We had a great time and it was nice to meet up. :sunny:
Sam your seminar was well funny and very informative, I think sculpting is the thing for me to do. You made it look fab. Will give those forms a try. :thumbsup:
Samantha you are lovley xx :flower: xxx what else can be said lol.
solar oil rocks!!!!!!!!!
The Fabric demo was well worth it. I love the stuff. Gonna get some. :thumbsup:
Layla baby,Dawnie ,Gemma, Chris, Kelly(fab airbrushing Hun)Mrs. Gadget, Gina Wallace it was great to meet you all at last. Now I can picture faces when I type lol.
Dawnie my kinda girl xxxxxx shame mullie couldn't come.
Oh yea I forgot, I ordered ~Doug schoons~ book :study: , a must have so I have been told by the grand master lol.
Ok thats enough rambling
Take care all
I hope we meet up again soon
Love Ruthxxx :salute: over and out
Well not long been in from going to the show, i had a fantastic day, met loads of other geeks and best of all mr and mrs geek. Sam i loved the seminar too and have decided to save up to go on the creative course, you made it look so easy but i bet its hard :( but i have decided that i am gonna give it a bloody good go :D
Kelly your airbrush work is wicked keep up the good work maybe you can teach me as i only know how to do free hand art.
Mother you was as mental as ever but hey wats new there and it was great as it always is with you :D and thats not only because you pay for most of my stuff :D
dawnie and layla it was really nice meeting you now i know who i am chatting too , also anyone i have forgotten to mention. Oh yeh i agree with ya mum solaroil is wicked.
I am a little upset that you never had any of those coffins left sam because i really wanted one of them :(
anyway must go i have nail art stuff waiting to be tried out.
take care see ya all soon i hope
thanks for a wicked day
luv faye xx
What does the child mean....................... 8)
Mother you was as mental as ever but hey wats new there and it was great as it always is with you and thats not only because you pay for most of my stuff
The mind boggles ............ :rolleyes: ....................
Faye it's genetic, you wait till you get to my age, it runs in the family..........poor child lol................. ;)
Any way we both agree, we had a fab time.... :p .......

Lots of love
Ruth xxxxx(mother and local bank)
All i can say now is i cant wat till the next one. :D
luv faye xx
Hi all, I too bought lots of goodies at Olympia, yesterday but, I'm not a happy bunny :( . Two videos, several OPI polishes, loads of Moor bits & bobs (nothing to do with nails I know but, I love the stuff), some nail art bits, a new brush - which I will name Sam. ;)I also got my Fabric# which I intend to play with some time today. I had my tutor Garey on the Calgel stand do me a sculpted demo to see where I'm going wrong and have planned a workshop. I had a demo nail done by another company who shall remain nameless, all I will say is its coming off pronto in case anyone thinks I did it myself. I'm really jealous though because you all met Mr & Mrs Geek! I was running a bit late anyway and couldnt believe my luck when I ended up on the hard shoulder waiting for the RAC. Nearly 3 hours I bloody waited. :evil: Even the police have said they will back my complaint. I missed all the seminars :( and when I finally got to the Creative stand I was told Sam had left 2 minutes ago :x All the stands were being closed up as I did my manic shopping frenzy - suppose I'm lucky to have managed to get anything under the circumstances! Anyway, glad to hear you all met up, maybe I'll be seeing you all at the next show :)
Well I've got to tell you all the news that you didn't hear yesterday AT the show because, It all happennned last night AFTER the show.

All the exibitors and their guests attended the Professional Beauty Ball where they hand out the INDUSTRY awards for the year - Nail Technician of the year, Nail Salon of the Year, Beauty Salon of the year etc.

This year Creative were nominated for the BEST TRAINING, and BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARDS. To be nominated in two catagories is fantasitc and we were very proud.

An artificial nail company has NEVER won an award in Britain. Any way, WE WON :goal: We won the trophy for the best Training in the Beauty industry - NOT just the nail industry - up against people like Dermalogica and Guinot etc. The Geek and Samantha accepted the award on stage and were so excited.

Congratulations to all our Ambassador/Trainers because it is YOU who represent who we are out there, and it is your satisfied customers who make the nominations. You are all THE BEST and my thanks and love go to you all for making this AWARD possible.

The icing on the cake was that the 'Salon of the Year' was awarded to Marco Benito - a 100% Creative Salon, and the Nail technician of the Year is also a Creative Technician. Both got up on stage and gave thanks and credit to Creative which I thought was very gracious of them.

So it was Our Night last night - and I wasn't even there :(
:salute: BIG CONGRATULATIONS :salute: Geeg you must be just bursting with pride as must all of you who are associated with Creative. Sam & Samantha must have their heads up in the clouds today :king: :queen: . Hope we get to see the presentation pics
Congratulations on the awards - they were well deserved. I too went to the show yesterday, could not get near the Creative stand for all the peeps there. I had hubby in tow - he kindly drove me there and back otherwise I would not have gone so I did not spend as much time browsing as I would have like too. Hubby was very patient and did duty donkey eminantly but I did not want to try his patience too far, hence I did not have any demos done on myself- I will need to visit more of these shows you know and will require a chauffeur. I was amazed by the exhibition and spent loads of money and still did not get everything I wanted. I am on the hunt for a nice nail station complete with everything but do not want to pay the earth should anyone have any ideas. Lovely day and I will do it again (soon I hope).

God! It was FANTASTIC!!!!! Was so great to meet my fellow nail nutters Ruthy, Faye and Dawnie!! And greaaaaaaaaaat to finally meet THE chicha, Samantha! Sorry I didnt wear a bunny costume!! The look on your face when Ruth came up to you was SO funny! Bless ;) And thank you for the free goodies from Sam's brill conference, it was REALLY good! I'll deff be going into sculpting, it looks really good. sam, you're very talented, and a great chat too!!! ;)

Got myself loadsa nail stuff and an empty bank account!! Me abd Ruthy got some pics so we'll post em up soon!

It was a brilliant day and did my feet know it lol
The demo was so cool :rolleyes: ...would have been even better had there been someone to sign for me lol but anyhooooow I must say I was very impressed.
It was great to meet Ruthy what a girl def my kind of girl :queen:
and not forgetting out little Layla bless her heart and of course Ruths off spring if you grow up lol to be like your mum you have no worries in life.
And of course the Geeks was really nice to meet you both sorry I had to leave early Sam but had to get the train and drive back to Nottingham :( .
Fantastic news on the awards bet you are both grinning from ear to ear :D
Sorry I did not take Mullie with me...but can you imagion by the time everyone has made a fuss of him I would have had no time to look around and spend some dosh lol
Maybe when I meet you all some other time I will bring Mullie and he can lick and hug you all to death. :tongue:
That’s enough of me waffling away
Take care all and can’t wait till n next year.
A big well done to all the people that make Creative what it is.
A big success
Well done
Love ~Ruth~
You deserve it geek and sam, may there be many many more awards that you win.

Again congratultions Sam and Samantha
Love Faye xx ;)
Well it's midnight.... :shock: and we are reading ALL your lovely words. Firstly it was truly wonderful to meet you all and I'm sorry we missed some of you :( yes, Ruth took me by suprise but what a great gal she is, Faye, Layla, Dawnie - a pleasure to meet 1 and all :salute:
Thank you so much mum and everyone for your congratulations. It truly was a spectacular night and we are sooooo pleased and proud to be honoured by our students in this way :goal: Our Ambassadors were thrilled and a good night was had by all :hic: as i am sure you can imagine...Monday morning was a sight to behold :morn:
Look forward to seeing you at ExCeL in September and thank you all again for making yourselves known and for your love and support. :mrgreen: :rainbow: :bomb:
Hey girls,

I must give a big THANK YOU to Ruth, Faye & Layla for coming to see me (Dawnie was in the toilet!!) on Sunday. I'm just so sorry that I couldn't spend some more time with you all but hopefully we'll have a huge laugh when you come for your airbrush training.

It was also fab to see both Mr & Mrs Geek on Monday morning even though they looked a little worse for wear but I think they deserve if for winning the award! :thumbsup:

I'm so gutted though cos I didn't get to Mr Geeks seminar as I couldn't get away from the stand. I'm sorry Mr Geek but you'll just have to do it all over again for me!! :D I think it's fair to say though that a good time was had by all and I look forward to speak to you all really soon.

I'm really mad I missed it, sounds like you all had a whale of a time! Well, I'll just start looking forward to Excel. I'm definitly not missing that one!!

me too wish i could have gone but i will be at the next one for sure
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