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Sep 20, 2007
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does anyone use this range of skincare?

Have you googled it?

yes, and not finding much.
It is a french brand,and has been for over 75 isnot a very holistic is very results orientated brand focusing more on anti ageing.

It is very big in France,and found in beauty salons.

The distributor for the UK is in berkshire i think,but i do not remember the web it might be under the skincare sanctuary i think...:)

You can get it on shopping tv in this country....something Jeanne Gatineau would be horrified i am France it is not!
thanks BG.

got a chance of 1 day facial training to enhance my holistic facial course and she uses gatineau products.
I hope i did not offend...they are a good product range to target ageing,and they are really efficient in thier efficacy results....i just find the shopping tv down grades the you know ,and if you do not already....i like to get products froma reputable therapist as opposed to buying something off the tv that may not be suitable for ones skin:)

The one good aspect of Gatineau is,that whatever special kits they put on tv,they always target these at the salon owner aswell....

Good luck with your training....i have been told that the bio chemist for gatineau in Paris,jaques Perre works sololy for gatineau,and they have many patented ingredients that other brands can not copy...Bonne chance..:hug:
I really like gatineau they are quite pricey probably deal more and best known for ageing skins .They do some beautiful moisturisers and i really like their floracil eye make up remover.
I really like gatineau they are quite pricey probably deal more with ageing skins .They do some beautiful moisturisers and i really like their floracil eye make up remover.
Actually floracil IS a desert island product....also good for tired eyes aswell:)
no gaby, you didn't offend me, I appreciate honest answers especially off experts.

The reason why I'm interested in doing the course with this academy is that I can go through an NVQ2 with them after doing the course.

If I want to stock a professional range, then I obviously need the NVQ so think it would be a good way to go about it.

Anymore advice appreciated.
hi, gatineau are quite a good brand, id say they are a match for thalgo ar decleor, they retail and use the products in 2 of the main spars arround me. i would deffo take the offer up on the course though, any training is good training! (within reason!) x
Hi Hippy chick I use Gatineau and have pm'd you.

I know its sold on qvc - but so is Decleor, Elemis, prescriptives, Bare escentuals, Bobbi Brown - I could go on.

Its a nice range - has a few key products which are really popular.

Facial - is good and skin feels nice after, it also has some nice massage movements to learn (I think its thai inspired)
thanks everyone for your comments.

I have also spoken to Eve Taylor, and with this new course, they would be happy to supply me.
i was watching the channel that sells it on saturday.

They had a woman on from Gatineau doing a demo of their eye make-up remover and i must say i was shocked to see her use the same cotton pad on both eyes!:eek:

well ok it can be done..... but whats that teaching peeps at home.

i can see it now a surge of QVC customers with puffy eyes in the

i must say i did think about what this product might be like to offer and was going to ask the same question so thank you hippy-chick. :hug:
well after chatting to gabi, I am going to ring acadamie up tomorrow to see what the crac is.

but think that I will be going on this facial course next week and see what happens.

I'm supposed to be getting some samples of gatineau and think that the training will be fab, but don't necessarily have to purchase the products. I have booked to do a FACIAL course NOT a Gatineau product facial course.

Hopefully by next Wednesday, when I go on the course, I will be in a better position to know what products I am going to working with.

BTW, there is a really big beauty salon around here, they do Clarins and Guinot. I popped in to get their brouchure today and it didn't half pong of nail stuff....yuck! anyway, I get home and look at the price list, they had a listing for clarins, a list for guinot and a list for holistic facials.

I rang them up to ask what the holistic facial comprised of. the girl didn't know, so went off to ask, then came back on and blundered her way through an explanation.

so, what is their holistic facial then?....a guinot facial with umm, umm umm a bit of a scalp massage. Whooppeeeflippindoodle! Surely you get that anyway?!
I've used it, very nice product.
I got my range from one of the professional beauty stands about a couple of years ago.
hi everyone.
well I've booked onto the course for next Wednesday! Yippee!

I still haven't received the samples for gatineau so have decided not to buy the starter pack for the time being.

I will see how it wows me on Wednesday.

I have a rep from acadamie coming to see me the following Wednesday and also a Matis rep coming to see me 2 days later.

The reason for the matis rep is that the hairdresser I rent from has a huge stock of Matis with retail products and all. They are just sitting in the second treatment room looking very sorry for themselves. She will try and sell them on if I decide not to take it up, so if anyone wants a reduced rate for a pile of Matis products, let me know.
match for thalgo ar decleor, they retail and use the products in 2 of the main spars arround me.
If it were me, I would stay well clear if they were selling these products in Spar!! lol!!!!

xxxxxonly jokin'xxxxxx:hug:
I think you have done the right thing in not purchasing the gatineau starter pack, the reason being I think they only supply to nvq or equivalant therapists so you may of ended up having to change to another range just as your clients got used to having them.

I think Gatineau is a lovely range & I nearly choose them for the salon but it was quite a high start up cost and the range is massive I just wouldn't of had the room for it :cry:

If you choose academie then I would see if their customer service has improved, I won't order from them again as I was disgusted with the customer service I had when it was distributed by hyperion and the new distributors are the same people.
thanks for those comments bombini. I got the impression that the tutor training me would be happy to supply me.
I will find out on Wednesday if that is the case.

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