Gel and Acrylic combo


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Feb 7, 2003
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I am a acrylic fan, but have a few gel clients too. I never use any white
gel for the permanent french....I do the white tip with acrylic and put the gel all over that. Most of my clients that wants gel have short nails and it
is a problem keeping them short without filing on the gel in the front.
So with the acrylic on the tip it is no problem anymore. The only reason
they use gel at the back is because for some or other reason the gel
keep better on their natural nails then the acrylics....but as I said they
are few.
Who else use colored gel that can be soak off like Bioschulpture?
There is a market for this gel in my part of the world, although I don't
like the idea...scared the client will not be able to see any lifting and
maybe get some yucky thing in there. But if there is a market I can't
shut my eyes for that, so I thought I might start using it on toe nails.
I have another concern though...a lot of clients that used this gel in the
past have some riges across some nails and that bothers me. I was in
the Bioschulpture factory and apparently nailtechs are suppose to soak the
colored gel off every time and reaply a fresh set....makes me wonder!!!
If anyone have some info or suggestions Please reply.... Sorry for my
Hi Adri, can't tell you much about coloured gels (90% of my clients want permanent french done with gel), but I can tell you that I have heard about your technique with white acrylic on the tips and gel nailbed...I have thought trying this too.... ;)
I have heard that it can be very succesfull....and techs have good results...

What L&P do you use..and what gel?
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