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Nov 14, 2013
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ok, so im looking to get gel equipment to do gel nails myself at home, and i was wondering can anybody help me some advice??? im new to this, usually i just paint my nails with regular polish, so i really have no clue in this area!

so i've been looking around, i don't want anything fancy and im on a bit of a budget, so its got to be something good value. im looking to by a led uv lamp but im not sure where to get one? i was going to buy one off ebay, whats the best wattage to go for?

also, in terms of polish, can anyone tell me the required items (files, base coat, foundation etc) cos ive been reading all about them... whats the best/worst type? also, does it matter if its like, a cheap chinese brand? or is that bad?

sorry for all the questions, hope someone can help!
I hate to rain on your parade but you should not be doing your own gel nails. This is a professional product so go to a professional salon.
Also, in regards to buying off eBay - you never know what quality you are going to get or what it is you're actually buying.

Please get them done at a salon - people are trained to do these for you so make the most of their skills and knowledge.
Hi there,

I see you are new so welcome 👋.

Please don't take offence to my post...

Unfortunately no one will recommend you buy a kit & do it at home yourself with out any training.

The chemicals, can cause you problems if not used correctly.

Incorrect application can give you awful looking nails.

Incorrect removal can ruin your nails.

Not one lamp will cure all products either.

So, if you enjoy all things nails, why don't you take a course?

Firstly you will need a manicure & pedicure certificate, then a gel polish or gel overlay course.

It takes a lot of practise to get right, & there isn't one product that suits all nail types.

Reputable brands only sell to professionals, & will need to see your qualifications.

The reason why we don't like to give advice is because it takes us time & money to learn our trade.

Like the others have said your best off doing a course, I thought it was really easy and simple until I did my courses then I realised how much was involved! Prep home kit will give you good results, either go to a salon or invest in training :) xxx
I'm afraid it's a "no" from me too :-(
Nail courses are there for a reason, if you haven't even completed a manicure course, no short gel application tutors will touch you either.
You need to know the full workings of the nail, the biology of it all, infections the lot - it's not just the case of applying gel and away you go or you could end up damaging your nail plate (or your friends) in prep or removal for Months/ years or even permanently
If you have a love for it, train :) you won't regret it.
Ermm I meant tutors of short gel courses ... not short tutors or all tutors at that matter :)

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