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Jun 3, 2010
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Hi could anybody give me some advise. I had a set of gel nails fitted on Monday and paid £30. The girl applied tips and buffed my nails right down before applying the gel and using the lamp. The result was quite amateur looking and not effective, I had asked for a french and the tips were very uneven. Anyway, I paid my money and went home. That evening the tips she had applied started to come away at the edges on 3 of my nails and I kept catching them on things so I pulled them all off. I have a little daughter and didnt want to scratch her. I have not been able to remove all the gel but got most of it. I applied a Jessica treatment basecoat for damaged nails, however, I would like advise as to how to strengthen my nails again and how to get rid of the left over gel bits!! I tried to apply a coat of polisg to disguise the roughness but it looked dreadful. I work on a Clarins counter so I really need my nails to look good!

Please help!
well firstly if you are ever unhappy with a service the sensible thing is to make contact with the provider and ask them to correct it -

By removing the nails yourself you have taken the responsibility off the nail tech

At this stage you are best to visit a technician that has a good reputation and have the gel removed professionally - most likely it needs to be filed off, and doing this yourself can cause a lot of damage to your already damaged nails.

Nothing but time will truly strengthen your nails as they are most likely now physically thinner (when you rip nails off the product never lets go - top layers of the nail plate tear away with the gel still attached...)
Lots of cuticle oil and avoiding traumatising experiences will be your best bet...

Good luck
Thank you for your advise.

With hindsight, yes I should have left them alone and gone back to the salon the next day but they were really bugging me by getting caught!

Will stick to natural nails in future!

Will stick to natural nails in future!


Hope you are not put off by it all together because nailenhancements can be performed in a safe and professional manner. Use loads of nailoil in the meanwhile and the damage will need to grow out unfortunatly... the bits of gel that are left will need 2 b buffed off very gently to avoid more damage to the nailbed. :hug:
the bits of gel that are left will need 2 b buffed off very gently to avoid more damage to the nailbed. :hug:

I would recommend this is only undertaken by a trained nail tech - without training you will not be able to tell when you have removed the product and when you start to file nail plate.

Damage to the nail plate is the issue here, the nail bed is the skin under the nail plate - and I truly hope the filing has not gone through to the nail bed....
Sorry you had such a bad experience :) You shouldnt let it put you off nail enhancements in the future - Use a tech who comes recommended, that way you know you will get a good result x

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