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Jul 13, 2007
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What do you say to a client when they ask "What is better, gel or acrylic?"

We seem to have a lot of clients saying they want gel because it lasts longer, lets your nails breathe, is organic, better for their nails, etc.

So once you have explained that it's not true, they then ask which is better.

I know that one is not 'better' than the other.

My trainer just says it's down to personal preference which they prefer. But how do they make an informed decision when most of the facts they have heard are wrong?

So what are the pros & cons of the two products?
Do they suit a particular client for lifestyle reasons?
What do you say when they ask which is better?

BTW, I use creative & brisa products.
Thanks in advance guys, I'm really lost on this subject.
Im faced with the exact question too Ange,as today i had a potential client ask me for gel nails over L&P,as she thought it was "kinder to the nail",in her words:eek:....sorry i cant answer your question fully! it will be interesting to hear:)
I dont do L&P, so can only answer to the best of my 'knowledge' of what I've read/heard/understand. I'm sure another geek can answer this better than myself.:green:

But I'll give it my best shot for now.

First, not all gels are created equal. I've used several brands. Some are more 'flexible' than others. Then some, are harder, imitating acrylic (in comparison to other gels, that is).

I used to use two different brands before. I found them to be very flexible. WHICH was fine for a great deal of my clients
BUT.... (and you knew that there was a "But"?)
for those that were either A) accustomed to MMA or B) very heavy handed due to their career choice; these brands of gel just didn't cut it.

I then switched to EZ Flow Gel-It which is extremely resilient and harder than most gels, I find (at least compared to those I've used). To me, it imitates Acrylic.
With EZ Flow, I'm able to please ALL my clients.

So, first it depends on the brand of gel you're using.

Then the other questions would be: is it a client that wants to soak them off all of the time to change them up? Is that your way of doing things? Or is it a client you can just keep refilling and rebalancing endlessly?
Most gels are buff off, and if it's a client that's having them removed often; a buff-off gel would not be the greatest option. Soaking is much gentler.

I'm sure there's a lot of other things to consider, but as I don't do L&P, I can't give you the best/right answer.
I can only give you MY best answer, as small as it is.:o

But generally speaking: it's a case by case basis.
That much, I have learned.

Also, there are some clients for some crazy reason for whom either Gel or L&P won't 'stick', but the other does (either gel or L&P). Know what I mean? One works and the other doesn't. Some nail plates are funny critters.:irked:

Why not do a search and check the pros & cons of uv gel versus L&P, and perhaps, you'll find your answer there????

hth's at least a little
I always say "acrylic" (sorry not a gel fan) they look plastic (most can't be soaked off) "heat spike" and more chance of an allergic reaction to gel.
I think that if you're using high quality products then there really isn't much difference between the two.
For instance, Brisa gel is Retention+ in a gel form, it covalently bonds to the nail and is also hypoallergenic.
I think that if you're using high quality products then there really isn't much difference between the two.
For instance, Brisa gel is Retention+ in a gel form, it covalently bonds to the nail and is also hypoallergenic.

Hit the nail on the head there, this is what I say to my clients.
I dont agree that Gel looks plastic though! I use Brisa, and its clarity is beautiful and not at all plasticy!

I would say exactly what Sandi has said, at the end of the day it is down to personal choice! 95% of my clients are now L&P clients, Ive got the odd few that are never gonna change to L&P because they 100% believe that acrylic damages the nail!! Cripes what do you do with clients like these hey! xxxxxx
Good question Ange, I have been wondering this too, wondering if I have made the best choice learning gel 1st, will be interesting to see everyones thoughts.
Good point about the acrylic being soak off, I didn't think of that.

I think I will promote custom blended manicures and acrylic nail art a bit more. If they see all the things that can be done with acrylic they might want to try them.

I haven't bought the brisa colours yet:cry: so I'm more limited to what I can do with gel.

Thanks for the help guys, but keep the answers coming please!

Anymore opinions would be really helpful. I want to be able to make the right choice when a client asks me which one would suit them best.
I use Brisa, I find it incredibly strong and I love its clarity. I have seen gels which look 'plasticky' but it certainly doesn't apply to Brisa.

I also prefer to wear Brisa myself as Scrubfresh etc doesn't affect the gloss when I am working.

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