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Apr 26, 2003
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hi all...any tips on gel???? ive been using the edge gel by alida, however im not getting on with it at ive decided im going to sell my stuff and put it towards another brand of gel...which gel do u all use? ive heard these 1 phase gels are the new thing????
Vicky x
...ever get the feeling you're being followed Vicky ;)

I asked a similar question somewhere else a while back and was swamped with responses on so many brands that it left me in a worse dilemma than when I started. What someone did helpfully suggest is that, instead of going by word of mouth, I pop up to the next show and literally try and get a finger done by each of the companies on a shortlist of 10! The lady who did this then judged them by how well they lasted, only two of them fitting the bill for her personally. I guess its worth a try in order to get some idea of what the system is'll be able to watch them applying it and have the bonus of seeing how well it weathers on you. I can tell you that the names that kept popping up were LCN, Light Elegance, Calcium Gel, Youngs and Calgel but, again, where one said X was fantastic, someone else picking another company would say they didn't personally like its a minefield out there!
Young nails do a nice gel, never had any problem with it. It isnt a one phase though, it is base, flex and top but it is self levelling. I can`t help you with the price though, I got mine from an exhibition and it was a pack, think it was around £7. I do hear though they are not good as a service, can`t argue that either. I have used all of it and it did go a long way, I`m now using star nails sculptor gel which I put on in 3 layers. It too I`ve not had any problems with except over a natural nail but thats my fault. I`m going to buy Faze next.
i use the faze gel easy to use good price what more do you want from a gel have used the star nails gf21 gel but couldn't get on with that one hope this helps

I use the Alan Roy Sculpting gel. It's a one phase gel and is brill.
I have to try the Creative Faze Gel yet.
Love Ruth xx
hi is the faze gel a one phase gel, self levelling???? vicx
yes it is a one phase gel and self leveling
is there a gel you can soak off :?:
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