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Sep 26, 2010
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Marham, Norfolk
I am new to the world of Gelish and have only used a limited amount of colours.

Can you recommend a Christmassy red colour please?

Thanks in advance
Good Gossip - Its a lovely sparkly red. VERY christmassy!

If you're after something without sparkle, rose garden or red roses xxxx
I've just found Good Gossip on the Harmony website, it looks just the thing for Christmas.

Thanks for your advice
What about black shadow with tumberline violet over the top or waterfield? Waterfield can go over any of the colours to give it a bit of bling.
You are now entering the difficult colour decisions faced by all Gelishers!!

I know you asked about reds and as has been said red roses or good gossip.
Oooo choices choices!

The colour combinations you suggested are gorgeous and I will be offering them for sure.

Thanks for taking the time to reply
Stand out for a solid colour or good gossip for some sparkle :green:
Well I have one client asking for a red so I think Good Gossip seems a good choice.

Thanks to all that have taken the time to reply to me and offer advice.
Good Gossip is amazing. The same as Ruby Pumps in the China Glaze range if you know it! Beautiful red but with a sparkle that has real depth to it, not just a glitter that sits on the top, if you know what I mean! :green:
Most definately Good Gossip, there some pics on my FB page to give you an idea what its like on as the Harmony Website does it no justice!
or get Vegas Nights which is VV glittery and you can put it over any Gelish colour to give it a bit of bling x
mint icing is also a good christmas colour too,
Good gossip is one of those ' sharp intake of breath ' when you see it, colours though lol
Good Gossip with Stand out over the top gives it a real depth of colour.
Mint icing looks like a good colour to have as well.

Thanks everyone

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