Gelish & Konad?


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Dec 8, 2010
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Stewarton Scotland
Hi friends, quick question at which point do I apply konad in my gelish treatment. Kind of thinking if I was to apply before top it off it might not go on right?
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Hi Posh Nails. I buff the top coat, Stamp then apply second layer of top it off. x
Fantastic thank u x
I love this site! I was just thinking the exact same thing! Thanks guys will now order my 1st konad to use alongside my gelish!! :) xVx
I've done my first Konad on Gelish and applied a thin layer of structure gel over my colour, then Konad, then TIO. Seems ok! X
Oh wow great tip - hadn't thought of doing it that way. Does TIO not smear/smudge the design? All my topcoats do!
Only just started to play with Gelish and Konad, but someone recommended to stamp on top of TIO once cleansed ( I didn't buff due to the fact I forgot) and then if you make a mistake you can just remove it with non acetone remover and your Gelish is absolutely fine underneath. As I said I forgot to buff the shine back off, but it does not seem to have mattered. I also put my fingers after stamping into my Led lamp for a few seconds to help the konad polish dry and then put another coat of TIO on cured and cleansed and had no smudging at all. This of course could have been a complete fluke, but time will tell!
There is a great Konad Group on here that have fantastic hints and tips :)
I do my Konad the same way, i top it off then cleanse, that way you can wipe it off until you get it exactly the way you want it,( it wipes of perfectly with a little bit of cleanse) then another coat if TIO to seal it in. Hth,s ps Konad is so addictive you will love it..
I do the same, wipe with cleanse, konad, TIO brilliant, lasts ages
Oh wow great tip - hadn't thought of doing it that way. Does TIO not smear/smudge the design? All my topcoats do!

Not at all. Smudge free! X
I too do top coat, cleanse, Konad, top it off again :)
Thanks guys for all ur help I did it today that way and managed great. If I didn't have the design straight just wiped off and re did. Excellent. Can't wait to try something different tomorro now. X
It worked no smudging! Addicted!


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