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Feb 3, 2006
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Hello I am having a hard time with my gelish drying dull at the end of the service when I wipe the dispersion layer, sometimes the colours don't adhere to the foundation and then it all wipes off, it seems to be the same clients this happens with and then with others no problems at all.
There are a lot of variables here.

- Are you trained in Gelish? (Haven't checked your profile)
- Are you using all of the correct product & equipment as taught?
- Is your product from Harmony or an authorised distributor?
- Is your lamp working correctly?
- Have you used the correct Gelish topcoat? (Think this is TIO?)
- Have you prepped the nail plate correctly?
Yes to all of your questions, this is a new problem with Gelish and these clients have been with me for a while as well, thanks.
Sounds like it isn't curing fully, colour coming away when wiped and a dull look. Think the problem may be your lamp x
What lamp are you using? Have you checked hand placement? x
gelish 18g the lady i purchased from douglas distributions in toronto retired, all the lights are working sensor is not that failed rather early on.. it's very frustrating.
I had that with just one was because her hands were slightly bigger, the placement of the hand in the Led lamp wasn't quite correct, so one nail just wasn't quite getting the full cure...
I don't understand how the hand can be incorrectly placed, i have noticed a few bowing up at the top of the hands. Its frustrating thought my lamp would last more than 2 years
This was always happening to me then I finally found the cause. I found that this can happen when the nails are placed too far to the back and the light isn't catching the end of the nails. Just double check that your clients are placing their hand mid way into the lamp rather than too far to the back. I have cut a thin strip of red tape, placed it on the surface of the inside of the lamp and I get my clients to place their fingertips on the tape to help positioning. Hope this helps x
Thank you so much!! I will definately try this,xo
If it helps, Gelish lamps have a Gelish logo on the metal plate the hand is placed on within the lamp- this will indicate where the hand needs to be placed. Agree with ElysianAnne that it's hand placement!

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