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May 15, 2012
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Hiya, I've been doing Gellux nails for nearly 2 years now and feel pretty experienced in applying and removal and have had no issues with it previously. However recently I have taken on a new client and it seems to stick to her nails like super glue. The removal process takes much longer than any of my other clients (not sure why). So I've gone ahead and ordered some heated mitts to see if that speeds up the process, as its taking me just to get it off at least 30 mins, where as on other clients I can get it off in 15/20 and thats all off ready to go. The mitts are taking a few days to come, but I was reading that doing the normal removal routine (ie wrapping in foil parcels) and then wrapping the hands in cling film can help speed it up. I was just wondering if anyone else had tried this and it has made a difference? She is coming over tonight so was thinking of trying it out. I still think even 20 mins is a long time to take it off, when I have removed Shellac before it comes off so easy in comparison. I dont want to switch though as I really like every other aspect of Gellux, plus I have a lot of colours and so have invested a lot of money into it.

I think if its taking so long for it come off and I charging not very much, then I'm losing out. So another question for everyone is how much roughly do you charge for soak off with a new set? I am currently charging £4 soak off and then £14 for the nails, so £18 in total. Do you think this price is reasonable? I've seen other people doing it for £10 even if they are having a new set applied. I don't want to price myself out of the market, but I don't want to underprice myself at the same time! Any advice would be great thank you soo much x

I have never tried the cling film method but when I used Gelish I used to wrap in foil and then place in the heated mitts and this used to bring it off easily. I have since switched to Shellac though and so no longer have any issues, as you have stated it comes off SO easily! No need for heat just wrap and five mins later its all off x

I don't charge for removal if another application is required, it doesn't take long to remove and I find this stops my clients picking it off prior to their appointment x

Prices vary depending where you are, check out your local competition to see what they are doing but more importantly work out how long it takes you to remove and re apply and then tot up your product costs and work out a price from your findings x
Thank you for your response and advice.
I have looked around at other places near me, including salons and mobile and most of those places do charge for the soak off or they factor it into the price they charge, but don't tell the client part of it is for soak off. A lot of them charge around £20 for nails and some top-end salons charge around £25-30, so I don't think my prices are too out there.

But I did have another new client today, who said that she was getting her nails done at the local chinese nail bar and they were supposedly using *Shellac* and only charging £10! She came to me because she found that the nails just did not last and they started peeling off very quickly. I am guessing that it was a knock off shellac like everyone talks about on here.

But places like that irritate me a little bit as it drives down the prices. I had one person phone me and ask me how much I charge and when I told her she asked me why because she can get it done cheaper elsewhere! :suprised: xx
Sorry that was a slight digression from the original post.
I also use gellux and have one or two clients where it sticks like glue. I've started using the easy off base coat on them and I use a heat pad and it's improved the removal a lot, almost halved the time.

I was sceptical and thought that the easy off base might be a rip off but I think it really works and removed similar to shellac.

Hopefully this helps x

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