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Hiya Tracy,
Just wanted to wish you luck with getting your basset :D must post some pics when you finally get him/her 8)
Ta Ta for now
Emmaxx :D
Hi Anna, Its lovely to hear about how much you treasure Phoebie :) I work with Greyhounds at the race track. You wouldnt believe some of the things I've seen :( Sometimes I dont know how I work there. However, I love it when they're pleased to see me,theres one who used to be so afraid of everyone he would just plant his feet & refuse to move but I used to coax and play with him and I get a real pleasure out of watching him light up when he sees me. His name is Geoffry (spell?) which is what I called my first teddy bear as a child :rolleyes: So it just seems to me that when his race days are over he just has to be coming home with me ;)

Just wanted to say to Emma your Molly is such a sweetie! I called my boyfriend to look at the pictures and fell in love with her. How can people not want them??? :freak:

We are starting to go through the process of re-homeing a basset hound through the local dogs home but there is still plently of red tape to go through ( I suppose its so the poor little things aren't left unwanted again :rolleyes: ).

Dawnie - your Mullie looks so proud, stood with the nose in the air! :)


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Feb 5, 2003
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As most of you know I am deaf..........and my life has been made much easier since I have had my hearing dog Mullie, he has opened up a big new world giving more confidence when out shoping as well as Being a big help around the house.
Hearing dogs are a charity and work very hard to give receipients like myself a better life.
So if anyone has any ideas for fund raising events or would like to donate a small amount to hearing dogs every little helps. please let me know.
Have a look at hearing dogs web site that will give you an idea as to how they work.
Dawnie and Mullie xx
Hi Dawnie,

I didn't know you were deaf. What a wonderful gift and companion you have with Mullie! I'm a HUGE animal lover so watch just about every animal show on TV that I can get my eyes on :shock: and I've seen several different shows on animals helping people with different physical challenges/disabilities. I think it's just wonderful!

I'd love to make a donation! Please Private Message or email me. And give that beautiful Mullie a pet for me! ;)

One good idea that I picked up to raise money...

Any old polishes you might have that you want to blow out....put them is a basket with a note stating that all the donations will go towards your cause. Ladies usually can't resist the polish....especially when the money will be going towards such a wonderul cause.
HI Dawnie, I'm a huge animal lover too.
This is what I'm doing this summer for retired greyhounds

There is a lovely, dedicated couple that brings those dogs from the States and helps to find loving homes for them here in Canada. The couple lives on the farm (which they rent) and has up to 60 dogs there at the time. The farm is 1 hour away from me, so I can't help much in terms of volunteer work, but i would like to raise $1000 for them.
I'm doing an event called "Pedicures for Paws" the month od August.
50% of the pedicure price goes to the greyhounds.
They will mention my salon (and the event) in their newsletter.
I will be collecting toys and blankets for the dogs at the same time

PS. This is my baby girl, Phoebe (retired greyhound, she was 2 years old when she "retired" she was never fast enough) she is the sweetest thing and brightens my every day:
Anna What a lovely site!

I love dogs! I'd have a thousand if I could, but my little baby Rocko can't bear other dogs. We rescued him nearly 2 years ago now. Hes a Rotweiller cross Great Dane. I'll try to post a lttle pic cos hes just so cute(and Huge!)I live in the middle of the New Forest, so he gets a 5 mile run everyday.

I'm just sitting here in tears (honestly) thinking about all those poor little beauties that no body wants, just because they aren't fast enough. Near me there's a little shop for 'Greyhounds in Need' which is a local charity. We have a greyhound track not to far from here so its quite a busy charity. Do you know that over here, when the dog gets 'too old' to run, (translation, it looses), normally around the age of 2, the 'owners' have them put down. How appalling is that?

I loved Phoebe & Rusty, how gorgeous are they?

I think your pedi idea is just great, good luck with it & let us know how much you raised
Hi Anna
That dog is just adorable give her a big hug from me will you.
Those poor dogs its so sad and greyhouhds make such wonderfull pets.
I have two Yorkshire Terriers also one of which was no longer wanted when she reached the age of being to old to show (how can anyone show a love for dogs and just disown it when it no longer wins prices!!!!!!!!!! its beyond me)
I donate 10% of my profits to hearing dogs and help in any way I can with fund raising events.
Keep up the good work for the greyhounds I think its fantastic.
Take care Dawnie and Mullie xx
Hi Dawnie

I know what you mean about the show dogs, my boyfriend and I have decided to have dog now that I work from home and only in the evening when he's home so it would be ideal. My fella is mad about Basset Hounds so we found some 'recommended' breeders as we want a puppy and rang them all. They all had been sold straight away at all the breeders we tired but someone agreed to put us on 'her choice list!'. Not knowing what she was on about, we gave her our details.

This responsible :shock: breeder then rang back 2 days later saying she had got a pup who had been brought back if we wanted. She went on to explain that someone had paid a deposit on him and took him 'to try it for a few days to see if he can show it but it wasn't at all suitable!' So someone had took the most beautiful dog home but decided he couldn't make any money from it so he took it back. To make matters worst the breeder then went on to question us about all the in and outs of why we wanted a dog as she was a very responsible breeder and very picky where her dogs go but she can let someone take one and then bring it back because it isn't show material. In the end we told her we didn't want a dog from her as we idn't want to put money into someone like thats pocket. :x

We ahve now decided to go to a resuce home to just try and give a little dog a chance :( . BTW both your and Anna's dogs are beautiful!!

Big kisses to the hounds!!
Hi Tracey
What are these people like......poor little dog being treated like an object from pillow to post, I am so pleased you decided not to buy from this so called breeder, there are so many doggies out there looking for kind loving homes like you have to offer.

My dogs are treated the way I would treat people..........but hey I think I am getting a bit soft when Mullie takes up most of the bed and there’s me struggling to stay on two inches of bed so I don’t fall out, well he does need his sleep as he works hard for me during the day lol.
Good luck with your dog hunting I know from your post that he/she will be well loved.
Take care
Dawnie and Mullie xxxxxxx
Well Dawnie, your dog at least has an Phoebe is just plain spoiled (and thats my fault)...when she's sleeping on my bed, I try to get into "my" bed without disturbing her...otherwise she get scared and jumps up and I feel sorry for her....can you believe it? ...I laugh at myself reading this...but the poor dog went through so much I wanna make it up to her (she had been in few homes before and I think she had a separation axiety, she was so nervous, she was chewing her tail and and had to have a piece amputated.....since she came to us, she has never touched her tail)

Dogs are so special, they do things for us unconditionally.....they don't care how we look, how much money we make and what colour of skin we have..........

I gave a kiss to my doggies from you :D

I'll let you know how the "Pedicures for Paws" event goes :D
Dawnie, do you have a bigger picture of Mullie, so we can see him? :D
Hiya Tracy,
I was just reading your post about how much your hubby likes bassets...thought you might like to see a pic of my baby!!Molly :D
You can find her here
We got her when she was 6months old...someone no longer wanted her(I know hard to believe :evil: !!!)
Hi Anna
Here is a pic of Mullie with his favorite toy and one of him looking truely professional in his coat :shock:


Take care Dawnie and Mullie xx
Dawnie said:
Hi Anna
Here is a pic of Mullie with his favorite toy and one of him looking truely professional in his coat

Beautiful dog...You can see the sweetness just pouring out of him!
I just wanna
Thanks Patti
I just kiss and cuddle him all day I can’t help myself.
Let me tell you all a bit about how Mullie works for me. He works to the following sounds doorbell, alarm clock, cooker timer, smoke alarm, and fire alarm.
If the doorbell rings he will come to me and put his paw on my leg, I will then ask him 'what is it' Mullie will then take me to the door and sit while I let the person in and then he gets his treat. Same thing with cooker timer.........if it the smoke alarm Mullie will come and touch with his paw I say 'what is it' Mullie will then lay down flat on the floor in front of me I then know its and emergency...........and what better way to wake up in the morning when the alarm goes off Mullie will wake me what ever way he feels best.
Mullie also work to alarms in shops ect the same way he would with the smoke alarm.........he gives me so much confidence while out shopping as people can see that I am deaf from Mullies coat and they make an effort to talk to my face so I can lip read..........but........doing the weekly shops can take hours lol everyone and I mean everyone wants to chat and fuss Mullie, but it makes the boring food shop much more fun.
Well its fun time for Mullie now we are off to the park so he can play with his four legged friends and chase his much loved ball.
Take care all
Love Dawnie and Mullie xx
Ohhhhh, what a beautiful pictures! And I have tears in my eyes, I'm such a suck for animal stories.
Mullie looks so proud in this picure of his job, he looks so important :D
Great pictures.

My Phoebe has a little tiger and sometimes she just carries him around the house in her mouth...looks so can see on one of the pictures in earlier post, she even sleeps with him.
emmawink said:
Hiya Tracy,
I was just reading your post about how much your hubby likes bassets...thought you might like to see a pic of my baby!!Molly :D
You can find her here
We got her when she was 6months old...someone no longer wanted her(I know hard to believe :evil: !!!)

Molly is such a cutie..what an innocent face on her :D
Mullie loves his cute toys I visit the local charity shop who raise money for unwanted dogs and I let mullie pick whichever cuddly toy he wants then he takes it to the check out for me to pay lol but........the best bit is there he is in his working gear looking very professional walking through town with a big bunny or a teddy in his mouth :shock:
I am sure hearing dogs would not approve but hey he has a life also.
Take care Dawnie and Mullie xxxxxx
Mullie has got his nose in the air he looks like a right snob...wonder where he gets that from lol
Good luck with the rehomeing takes time but will be worth it in the end.
Take care Dawnie and Mullie xxxx
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