Glue for CND clear tips?


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May 25, 2003
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I love the look of the clear tips, however, I am a GelBond gal. I was told at a seminar by an educator that you shouldn't use GelBond with the clear tips and that you should use Speed Bond, which I am not fond of. Can anyone tell me why GelBond can't be used?

This was a common fallacy toward the beginning of the release of the clear tips.
There is no reason why you cant... You just want to be careful not to get it squigging out the underside of the tip as it can make it look really mank in certain designs.

Hope this helps ;)
have you tried putting the gelbond onto the nail rather than the tip to apply, that way if you have any problems with squidgies, the excess should run out onto the nail and not under the tip???

For an even better look, use the pink gelbond. I never use the clear anymore (unless a persons nail beds are excessively pink already) as using the pink makes blending ordinary tips even faster and makes the clear tips look even prettier.
I LOVE the pink gel bond! It rocks!! Glad to hear that I can use it with the clear tips!

I usually apply the glue to the tip, but not too close to stop point on tip. When I rock the tip on, the glue squishes out onto the nail and then I use the next tip to scoop the excess off of the nail and seal the edge. It seems to keep the glue from getting where I don't want it.

Thanks for all the tips!
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