Going crazy trying to come up with a name for a waxing business!


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Aug 3, 2009
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I can't believe how difficult it is to come up with a business name...I think I'm going to go mad!
Any help appreciated!
Perfectly Bare, Waxing Studio, Infinite Wax, Smooth Legs, Smooth Wax, Flawless Waxing, Calm & Easy Wax :) Probably if i had a glass of wine next to me I would be a bit better :p Hope this helps at least a little bit :D
Here are some names I suggested on another thread .....

Wax Works ...
Wax to the Max...
Bare essentials ....
Bare Necessities....
Dare to Bare...
Hair Raising...
Strip ...
The 'Just Wax' Salon...
Wax Solutions...
The waxpot
Wax away
The wax room
Get waxed
Barely there waxing
Haha some of these bring back memories, it took me ages to come up with a name.

On my shortlist was...
Stripped / Strip
The Landing Strip
Dare to Bare
Just Wax

It's really difficult finding something original, lots of variations of these are already being used.
Wax lyrical
I like The Wax Pot....

Be careful with names like...Dare to bare, strip, smooth...ETC you don't want to leave yourself wide open for weird clients looking for something else

Don't forget to. Check if the name is trade marked or someone local has that name
I would also make sure that you only want to do waxing because a lot of people seem to start up with a name for tanning then need to change a year later when they decide to add more services.

Just something to think about x
'Wax on, hair off' 'hair today, gone tomorrow' [emoji4]
Thanks everyone!

I like a lot of these and some of them are ones I also thought of, e.g. the wax pot and bare necessities.
The problem is that all of the domains are already taken and a lot are trademarked too.

Would Bare Necessity work do you think rather than Bare Necessities?

I was practising new logo styles last year and came up with this as a dummy name. No-one went for it when I showed it off on Facebook. Can't imagine why :)


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That's very cute!
I'd definitely be attracted by the cute image and quirkiness of the name. It stands out from the crowd.
That made me chuckle lol! Can't think why no one went for it.......

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