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Jan 4, 2007
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Hello everyone,

As i am going away next week on my hollie bops i thought i would post this now as i don't think i am going to get on here before i go.....Sometimes i wonder why i both to have holidays as it is just such a nightmare to fit clients in before i go so i have found myself fully booked 9am-9pm :eek:everyday this week..of course i shouldn't complain but it just feels like you have to run yourself into the ground before i go and then the same when i get back, but its gonna be fantastic in florida.:green:

I just want to wish everyone that is entering at G-MEX in a couple of weeks the best of luck and i hope to meet alot of you geeks there, would be fab to see you all...Ill be the red faced, jetlagged, flustered one competing:o lol. Or i'll be the one proping up the bar in the Ibis hotel if anyone is staying over, so if anyone finds me asleep :zzz:anywhere could you take me back to my room as i have to compete monday too I'll write my room number on my forehead so you know lol.

So the best of luck to you all and if you are going to shop have fun spending!!

See you all there xxx:hug:xxx:hug:xxx:hug:xxx:hug:xxx:hug:xxx:hug:xxx
Hope you have a fab holiday Kirsty and best of luck for the comps!

I hope to compete but am having problems getting models so will play it by ear. I will at least go to catch up with some geeks and do a bit of shopping. I have never been to GMex so am looking forward to it.

Good luck to everyone else entering :)x
have a fab holiday....sure you will....:lol:

Good luck with the competition too... xxx
have a fab time hun xxx
Hope you have a great holiday hun. Ive recently been to florida. Loved it!
And goodluck to all hope everyone has a fab time. I would like to see pictures :) x
Thanks girls only 4 more sleeps to go as my little girl keeps reminding me :lol:

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