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Aug 9, 2006
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Woking, Surrey
hiya all!

i haven't posted on here for ages,hope you are all well? business is good at the moment for me...we will be celebrating our 5th birthday in october and i would like any suggestions on what i can do for it. also if anyone knows any companies that sell lots of goodies for me to give to clients in goodie bags and to sell as retail- it doesn't need to be beauty or nails

this will be a great help for me

take care all

alex x
Hi Alex.
Congratulations on being 5! Just an idea, have you thought about having a charity event. I know Macmillan have their worlds biggest coffee morning coming up at the end of September. If you speak to all your suppliers I know from experience that they can be really generous with goodies and prizes for if you have a charity angle. Macmillan also give great support. you can find out more on
You will also find that the local press are always keen to cover that sort of thing and are worth a call.
Good luck
hey thanks for the ideas i will let you know how i get on... i always find im always doing the same thing for every birthday and im getting a bit bored of it.....and as it is 5 years i want to do something special..... i am getting lots of ideas from friend and family

i'll let you know thanks again

love alex x x

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